e.l.f. Essential Lip Stain for Spring 2012

Interesting enough some of the new Essential products from E.L.F. are competing with the Studio line for coolness.

But all that coolness gets a price jack of $1 to $2. The E.L.F. Essential Collection has always had a $1 price tag but these newer items for Spring have a buck or two tacked on.

Can’t say I mind much of the quality is better since I’ve felt like the Essential Collection was absolute rubbish.

Check out these new lip stains just added.

Crimson Crush

Berry Blush

Nude Nectar

Pink Petal

Nice eh?

Bit lacking in the shade selection but for $2 I’d say they are a steal compared to main lip stain markers on the market at the moment. Plus these markers dry out so fast who wants to spend more when we can spend less?

Available now at www.eyeslipsface.com

  • 2/29/12 20:58 breyerchic04:

    Berry Blush doesn’t look like anything else I’ve seen on the market. But the nude nectar looks like a shade of the covergirl marker I have.

    The only essential products I’ve liked were liquid lipstick and lipgloss, not the best ever but for a dollar, I have gotten a few.


  • 2/29/12 21:20 Deb:

    E.L.F. sucks!!! I’m so mad at them. I ordered a few things that just came in a few days ago. Everything arrived intact but as soon as I started opening and using, everything broke. 2 click pen lip glosses…both broke on first use. I’m talking bomb burst come apart lip gloss every freaking where broke! Eyeshadow…broke and crumbled on first dip of the brush. These people can take their cheap you know what crap somewhere else. You hear me E.L.F. YOU BITE!


    • 3/1/12 12:32 Michelle:

      I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience. I swore up and down that I would never buy from ELF again but I’m a lip gloss junkie and they just rolled out some shimmer lip glosses that I couldn’t resist trying so I caved and placed an order which is on its way to me now. Hopefully they can’t screw those up too much…but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will be missing.


    • 3/1/12 13:36 Mia D:

      This is why I only buy from Target. Also when I ordered from them years ago (when they were first gaining popularity), they’d leave out several items from your order.


  • 3/1/12 12:18 Comrade Garlic:

    I can’t buy anything from ELF anymore. Their marketing department has completely turned me off. Half the e-mails ring of false advertising, the other half seem like slander to me. They remind me of the Ron Popeil of the beauty world.


    • 3/1/12 12:20 the Muse:

      lol I choked laughing comrade. ron popeil of the beauty world omg ;-D


    • 3/1/12 12:29 Michelle:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOLOLOL Oh that was priceless…as someone who loves tacky infomercials that was sooooo funny! Also, I love your handle, Ms. Garlic. :)


  • 3/6/12 21:40 Taylor:

    I’m excited to try these! They look so pretty!


  • 3/21/12 11:43 Kate:

    I like their brushes but that’s about it. I tried some of their makeup products from target a while ago and didn’t want to waste my $.


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