Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection Lipstick Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection Creme Rouge

Thanks for convincing me I need to watch Mad Men guys! I purchased the first season on Apple TV and hopefully sometime next week I can start watching an episode or two.

As you know Estee Lauder teamed up with Mad Men to created a small makeup collection inspired by the show.

Here’s a little sneak peek at the collection that I told you about earlier this week with a review upcoming shortly.

The packaging on the rouge is positively retro! Quite a delightful little compact.

I’m looking forward to reviewing these pieces for you shortly.

The Estee Lauder Man Men Collection will be launching in March at Estee Lauder counters and online at

Will you be indulging?

  • 2/24/12 11:48 Jane:

    In the creme rouge!


  • 2/24/12 12:08 Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado:

    That packaging is calling me. GAH! It is so gorgeous!


  • 2/24/12 12:10 Tina:

    Sorry, Muse, my comment has nothing to do with this post but for the last few days whenever I go directly to your blog I only see the “Hai!” post and none of the newer posts. I can only see the newer posts if I go to your twitter feed and click on the link. Is that happening to anyone else?


    • 2/24/12 12:37 the Muse:

      hi tina so sorry, it seems it is an IE issue, I’m trying to find out what is going on :( do you use IE? or firefox? Thanks!


    • 2/24/12 14:05 Kate:

      Yes, I have been having that same problem for a while, I use IE.


      • 2/24/12 14:24 the Muse:

        ugh sorry kate, working on it :( try emptying your cache and/or refreshing when you hit my main page. temporary fix :(


  • 2/24/12 12:17 eight:

    Sooo pretty. I haven’t watched Mad Men yet but it’s on Netflix so maybe I should!


  • 2/24/12 12:31 Lauren:

    Love the packaging!! I would leave it out!!!


  • 2/24/12 12:36 Stefi:

    GORG! Want ’em.


  • 2/24/12 12:50 Katherine:

    I’ll be getting both. The rouge for me and I’ll give the lippie to my oldest daughter who looks fab in red. (I just can’t wear it). This packaging is so retro. I can remember being a little girl and seeing this type of packaging on my Grandmother’s dressing table. (that was back in the 1960’s haha). They really did do a good job on retro packaging. :)


  • 2/24/12 13:12 Jes:

    That creme rouge is beautiful. The lipstick is oh-so-Coty. I think I want them, even I don’t wear them :( Is it crazy to be Asian, and worry about what people think of me wearing red lipstick?

    BTW, I just starting watching Mad Men on Netflix about three weeks ago. I haven’t loved a show this much in a long time. The writing is as great as the fashion.


  • 2/24/12 13:25 deb:

    I pre-ordered the blush, they said it will ship in about 2 weeks, ugh!


  • 2/24/12 13:39 Corey:

    dying for this packaging! reminds me of my glam grandmother!!!


  • 2/24/12 14:35 Tina:

    I just tried again and now I’m seeing your most recent updates now. Woohoo! I’m on Firefox, by the way.

    Thanks Muse! :-)


    • 2/24/12 14:54 the Muse:

      phewwwwwwww sorry about that! I refreshed cache my side but I don’t think that was what helped ya…must have been a fluke! I know IE is having issues :-/ blah! burp! Trying to clear this up sorry about that!


  • 2/24/12 15:48 wifebot:

    i guess i’m in the minority here…i feel like the packaging is very old-ladyish, not cute in a retro way.


  • 2/24/12 18:28 Summer:

    Wowee, I think the packaging is very pretty x


  • 2/24/12 20:06 aquahartz:

    packaging & the colours themselves are calling meeeee… drrooooollll. nice retro look, kinda cool to be a ble to enjoy that little lavish in life.
    cant wait for the swatches. i bet they will really look good on ya, muse. =)


    • 3/13/12 16:29 the Muse:

      aw shucks you flatter me aqua!


  • 2/24/12 21:32 Kathleen:

    I want this so bad! I love Mad Men! Cant wait for the review!


  • 2/24/12 21:58 Liz!:

    Oooooh. Can’t wait to see the review. I’m crushing on the blush! I think they walk the line between retro and oldladyish too, but I kinda like it 😀 I’ve always said that I’m a Memaw stuck in a 20something’s body!


  • 2/25/12 9:45 vive:

    Is the blush shimmery at all?


  • 2/26/12 0:47 Daena:

    The rouge compact is so gorgeous. Reminds me something my grandmother would have used when she was young. I really wish companies would make gorgeous packaging like that and allow us to refill them. I know I’d pay a bit more for the original product if it were beautiful and would last me for years.


  • 2/26/12 3:45 chelle:

    gorgeous gorgeous packaging


  • 2/26/12 16:49 Hannah:

    When you review the compact, would you mind noting if it is refillable (and if it is the same size as other powder pans that you know of)? If the compact could be refiled with another product, I would definitely buy it! So cute!


    • 2/27/12 9:21 the Muse:

      it’s cream Hannah sadly isn’t refillable :()


  • 2/27/12 9:03 Christina:

    i love the packaging.. but maybe that is because i associate my grandma’s “old lady packaged cosmetics” with retro, for lack of a different influence? :) i read estee lauder took inspiration from their actual 60s packaging, though, so that should be authentic then..

    i hope they created a true-to-time colour and smell, that would be fantastic! swatches please, dear muse!


  • 2/27/12 10:37 vive:

    Does the blush have shimmery particles in it? My original comment was not posted. :(


    • 3/13/12 16:28 the Muse:

      I’m a little delayed in getting comments responded to vive, sorry, no shimmer.


  • 3/3/12 18:40 Roberta:

    I’ll be curious to see your take on the lipstick. I received mine two days ago and it’s far more pink than any of the pics I’ve seen. I’m wondering if the pics aren’t showing it accurately or if I got one from a batch where the color was off.


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