HadaLabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Makeup Remover Review

HadaLabo is an extremely popular skincare collection in Japan. The products are well known for containing hyaluronic acid which is an excellent ingredient for hydrating skin as well as allowing your skin to retain more moisture.

I’m not sure how effective it is having such an ingredient in your cleanser but the HadaLabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Makeup Remover is one of my favorite makeup removers.

This is a fragrance free, mineral oil free gel-like cleanser that works much like a cleansing oil would.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Makeup Remover contains super hyaluronic acid according to the brand which serves to moisturize the skin as well as aid it in retaining that moisture. The ingredient does need a chance to absorb into your skin in order to have the best benefits in my opinion so not sure how useful it is in a cleanser when you’re basically washing it away.

On the upside it is quite a hydrating cleanser that doesn’t strip skin or make it tight after use. It’s a thicker gel-like consistency that isn’t greasy or oily. You use it in a similar fashion as a traditional cleansing oil by simply massaging it on a dry face full of makeup and adding a touch of water to emulsify and finally proceeding to rinse. It doesn’t turn milky or emulsify in the same fashion as a cleansing oil so the touch of water you use will just break the gel apart and allow it to rinse easier off in the end.

It does very well getting off my BB Cream, left over mascara that my oil based eye makeup remover might have left behind, and just generally getting my skin squeaky clean.

I like it because its so moisturizing and my drier skin can use all the help it can get. It’s a nice a pick for dry skin that needs a touch more moisture during a cleanse since so many cleansers are guilty of drying out dry skin even more.

You can grab it at Sasa.com.

Anyone try it?

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 2/2/12 20:42 chelle:

    I’m so glad you like this product. This is my HG makeup remover! I haven’t used anything else since I picked up a bottle in Singapore last February. It’s so wonderful! It takes EVERYTHING off and doesn’t leave my skin tight or dry. It leaves no film or residue (unlike some cleansing oils or oil based removers.) My face just feels really soft and clean when I’m done rinsing it off. 😀


    • 2/3/12 13:28 the Muse:

      yay so happy to hear you love it too chelle ;-D!


      • 2/3/12 14:47 chelle:

        The foaming facial wash gets makeup off pretty well too all by itself. Good for those days you want to just get everything off in one step, but I’ve noticed that using the wash causes a bit of tightness / dryness after several days of work. So I just use it for lazy days or when I need to remove makeup before going to the gym or on other occasions when I cant bring the makeup remover with me.


        • 2/3/12 14:49 the Muse:

          I have the foaming facial wash, yup same, I use it with my clarisonic in the shower, seems to keep the dryness at bay versus when I use at the sink.


          • 2/3/12 14:53 chelle:

            Oh that’s good to know! I should try it with my clarisonic. Thanks for the tip :)

          • 2/3/12 15:01 the Muse:

            my pleasure ;-D for some reason doesn’t make my face feel as tight when I use it with the clarisonic ;D!

  • 2/2/12 21:01 Amanda:

    Uhh.. i couldn’t pronounce that if my life depended on it. lol


  • 2/2/12 22:28 Nat:

    any cons to this? im interested :)


  • 2/3/12 0:54 yuvee:

    I got this to replace my Shu Uemura cleansing oil and love how gentle it is on my skin. Kinda wish it works for eyes makeup too, but it stings my eyes whenever it gets in my eye area so I can’t even clean off leftover mascara.


  • 2/3/12 8:11 nuriz:

    hi Muse, could u please do a hit& miss list for makeup and skincare. I would love to know your personal rank for all,esp the cleansing oil/makeup remover 😉
    thank you!


  • 2/3/12 12:33 Stelladiva:

    Looks interesting. Just ordered it as well as a foaming cleanser.


  • 2/5/12 9:49 Jess:

    I use Hada Labo lotion and moisturizer. I actually really love it. I really don’t even bother with most American skin products now…


  • 9/9/12 5:23 Nola:

    hi, I don’t use makeup but can I still use it? I use only the cetaphil cleansers and moisturizer, neutrogena sunscreen. I’m getting lots milia’s on my face and my skin looks dull lately.


  • 9/9/12 5:27 Nola:

    btw I have dry and sensitive skin because of which I use only cetaphil. I really wanna use the hadalabo products so need your feedbacks.


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