Hello Kitty Apple Balm New Shades

Hello Kitty Apple Balm, which I still have tried (OMG what is wrong with me?) is now available in two new shades Citrus (bright tangerine) and Violet (sheer grape).

Of course, I’m completely in lust with Citrus.

These are available now at Sephora and Sephora.com

  • 2/13/12 9:13 Bunny:

    That’s so cute ~! I want it (โ‚โ—กโ‚) I don’t know understand why they closed down Sephora in the UK.


  • 2/13/12 13:25 Tammie:

    Now if only they’d make the pots less torturous to use…


  • 2/13/12 15:28 Libby:

    Ah! I love the Hello Kitty Apple balm! It wasn’t really that pigmented but it gives this lovely JUICY look on my lips skfjhnksfhs. I cannot wait to try the citrus one now *__*

    You must try it! And I must buy citrus, omg <3


  • 2/14/12 4:47 Ruthless:

    It’s very moisturizing I LOVE the apple balm, so happy to see new colors


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