Josie Maran Erase and Rewind Argan Concealer Review & Swatches

Josie has a great line of cosmetics but she hasn’t yet released a concealer that gets a huge rave from the masses. For someone who injects Argan Oil into everything you’d think that her concealers would be super moisturizing…not the case in my experience.

I did happen to fall in love with her short lived full coverage concealer pen. Not everyone loved this pen, in fact, it got like a one star rating on QVC but I absolutely adored it (I hated it at first) and wish I could get my hands on some more.

The new Josie Maran Erase and Rewind Argan Concealer is actually awful but, again, for some odd reason I’m in love with it.

This comes in a click pen with an attached brush applicator so you can click, swipe on, and blend out quickly. The pen tubing is a metallic pinky peach shade which is quite pretty and ups the game on the way Josie presents her cosmetics. She went from pretty basic, standard packaging to some rather lovely packaging compacts and such lately.

The formula is really bad but for whatever reason I kinda like it. Yeah, I must be nuts.

(Swatched: Light)

For something infused with Argan Oil this isn’t as moisturizing as I thought it would be. In fact, it’s kinda of dry. It’s on the thin side but still has a creamy, soft feel. Blending is odd simply because once you swipe the concealer under your eyes it sort of rolls off the area. That’s really the only way to describe the effect. It’s almost as if you’re applying the concealer on top of an oiled surface and it just slides off. It’s really quite strange. On the plus side once you do get over the hurdle of blending it out it does have a nice brightening effect so it gives tired eyes a bit of a perk up. The pigmentation is a bit weak though so it won’t conceal major issues but the lighter texture allows it to wear very naturally and gives my tired eyes just the right pick me up.  One thing I really love about Josie’s concealer is they always seem to be a perfect match for my skin tone.

I wouldn’t recommend indulging. It already has really poor ratings on QVC and for near $30 (after shipping the price gets tipped near $30 bucks) you can indulge in a far better concealer.

As for me? I need to be committed because for some reason this actually works for me. I like it. I don’t love it mind you but I do like it.

Josie, you need to work on your concealers girl. You haven’t yet released a good one. Throw us a bone, we know you have it in you!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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