Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

My friends think I’m absolutely mad with my taste in music. Hardcore metalcore, 80’s, show tunes, k-pop, j-pop, I jump around all crazy-like with my taste in music.  Needless to say they really don’t love sitting in my car with me and having my playlist on shuffle, because baby, that shiz is random.

And of course, fitting for this review, my love for Neil Diamond.

Speaking of jeans….

You NEED to add Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipgloss to your stash for Spring.

It’s the perfect MLBB (my lips but so much better) lipgloss.

Personally, I vote for Poppy to start selling this gloss and the matching lipstick together. Let’s make these a set. They shouldn’t ever have to live apart.

Let’s discuss the gloss for today.

Seriously, best gloss shade ever people.

This natural shade of dusky pink is the perfect shade to enhance your lips natural lip color. It creates a gentle flush of universally shattering pink on lips that’s positively gorgeous. I think the naturalness of the shade really makes the shade wearable with most any look you create for your eyes and cheeks.

The formula is moisturizing with a shiny finish and a lightweight texture that wears comfortable for four hours at the least. The shade doesn’t contain any shimmer or sparkle which I’m normally attracted to in my glosses but the lack of either won’t be missed since the shade simply steals the show here.

Low down?

You NEED it.

There is also a lipstick shade to go along with it that’s sold seperately but like I said they really need to consider making these a set.

An absolutely gorgeous shade of pink that anyone and everyone can wear.

A Spring must have!

Loves it.

Muse Approved for purchase.

Available at


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  • 2/7/12 15:52 Ruth:

    this immediatly popped into my head “blue jean, baby queen,prettiest girl I ever seen … ROCK ON” and that color is pretty awesome too!


    • 2/7/12 15:56 the Muse:

      lol, the really bad Michael Damien version right? LOL!


      • 2/7/12 16:52 Ruth:

        but of course! Michael Damien was soooo hawt back in the day!


        • 2/7/12 17:11 the Muse:

          That hair!!!


          • 2/7/12 20:59 Ruth:

            it was Johnny Depp hair from 21 jump street. man, I loved me some 21 Jump Street!!

  • 2/7/12 15:57 Cj:

    Nooooooooooo! It’s not in stock!!! Also is it just me or does the packaging give off a superman vibe lol


  • 2/7/12 16:06 Heather C:

    QVC-had a duo set last spring with the gloss and lipstick :)


    • 2/7/12 16:27 the Muse:

      damn I’d have hit that, I didn’t see it!


  • 2/7/12 16:37 Anna:

    Couldnt agree with your review more. This was my lipgloss colour on my wedding day, and it was perfect!!!


    • 2/7/12 16:37 the Muse:

      perfect shade for a wedding :D!


  • 2/7/12 17:11 Michelle:

    I respect anyone with a diverse taste in music! Now you need to discover some vintage Bollywood tunes, they’re awesome! The Heineken beer commercial that’s being aired right now featuring a song called “Jan Pehechan Ho” is a good place to start.


    • 2/7/12 18:15 the Muse:

      my playlist is filled with both old and new bollywood songs including Jan pehechan ho ;D Gumnaam was one of the first bollywood films I watched and the song so stuck with me for ages ;D!


  • 2/7/12 18:01 Lisa S.:

    Love this lippie!
    I think you and I would get along musically Miss Muse, I also have an eclectic (ahem) taste in music. I have Carly Simon next to Nine Inch Nails, next to Bjork, next to Motor head, next to Donna Summer with a dash of Summer Breeze (Seals and Crofts) and just a sprinkling of Madonna and Ceelo


  • 2/7/12 19:27 Karyn:

    Man I knew i should have picked this up when I got Saint Rust! Ah well. Next time :)


  • 2/7/12 19:47 steph b:

    I have both the gloss and the lipstick. Easiest one thing to carry in your bag regardless of what you are wearing.


  • 2/7/12 20:12 susan:

    Muse I have to tell you that I admire your taste in music! You Rock


    • 2/8/12 11:13 the Muse:

      shucks thanks susan! ;D!


  • 2/8/12 11:03 Majick:

    Muse, I’d sit in your car. 😉


    • 2/8/12 11:11 the Muse:

      cheers majick! we can totes sing together ;-D


  • 2/8/12 13:45 Ruthless:

    I bought the lipstick and the gloss from the shopping channel, and very dissapointed with both. The lipsticks I got from TLQ were more like balms than lipstick.

    I will say that the blue jean gloss is much better than the lipstick but I sent both back.


  • 2/8/12 15:43 Kim:

    I love this lipgloss but I’ve never tried the lipstick. I hope QVC does a set again so I can get it.


  • 2/8/12 20:59 aquahartz:

    muse, u should try the lipstick as well. i love the blue jeans lipstick for work, when i dont want people to see me wearing make up over the top, u kno wat i mean. all natural kinda look for work & hard core play when we r out & about. hahahaha.


    • 2/9/12 9:45 the Muse:

      hi aqua, yup, I mentioned in the post I have and like the lipstick as well :)


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