Lorac Unzipped The Nude Collection Review & Swatches

Dood, I don’t like chocolate scents but I love the idea of Yankee Candle Chocolate Bunny. Aw! Kawaii!

’nuff about home fragrance, my makeup today consists of the new Lorac Unzipped The Nude Collection. A fabulous little kit that consists of four full size products for the stupid cool price of $34.

Domo arigato Lorac! We likey values!

Take a look!

This little set contains a low calorie, four shade palette version of the new ten shade, full size Lorac Unzipped Palette (that one is $40 and available now for Spring). I think the set is an absolute steal if you’re on a budget and didn’t want to splurge on the Unzipped Palette as this gets you a little preview of that palette plus three other full size Lorac extras. Wicked right? Granted, I do highly suggest indulging in the full size Unzipped Palette for Spring, it’s a gorgeous little selection of nudes.

What you get:

  • Lorac Eye Shadow Palette
  • Lorac Plum Blush
  • Lorac Visual Effects Mascara
  • Lorac Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss in Andy (Exclusive shade to the set)

Not only do you get that little preview of the Unzipped Palette but also a full size of the new Lorac Lips with Benefits Lipgloss in an exclusive shade to this kit. I think sets like this sometimes step back in the past and end up including products we may already have so it’s refreshing that they included ones of their newest launches for Spring.

Colors are a bit of an interesting mesh up for me. They are all warm, inviting shades but I think the gloss and blush aren’t quite what I’d personally pair up with the shades of the shadows in the palette. The shades in the palette are made up of nude, natural colors versus the berry, plummy shades of the gloss and blush. I dunno…I’d probably go with a warmer shade of peach blush and lipstick to pair up with the browns, coppers, and creams of the palette not plum….

Shadow Shades:

  • Undercover (matte creamy beige)
  • Unrevealed (bronze copper)
  • Unlaced (muted taupe-y brown)
  • Unapologetic (dark matte chocolatey taupe)

The shadows have a creamy powdery formula that blends easily and applies like a dream. Lorac excels at creating a very wearable, easy to apply eyeshadow texture and this little palette features much of that excellent quality. I wouldn’t call these the more traditional Lorac formula, they have an almost Stila-like formula to them in the fact they feel like a creamy powder hybrid. The glide across eyes without a skip. I also love the fact they blend together so easily for contrast as sometimes Lorac shadows get a little muddy when combined but these suffer no such issues. The palette features a selection of shades for a natural and a dramatic look, instructions to get each look are located on the back of the set’s box. I would have liked to see them on the palette itself or a small cardboard slip out of some sort, as I really don’t want to keep the box, I have WAY too make makeup boxes laying around.

As I mentioned earlier the shades of the blush and gloss aren’t really what I’d typical choose to pair up with such warm shades of shadow. The blush is a soft, finely milled formula with lovely pigmentation that’s not too dramatic. It’s a shade that gives cheeks a contoured appearance that’s warm and elegant. I don’t have nearly enough shades like this in my collection (many of my blushes are quite vibrant and in your face) so this is a bit grown up for me. I won’t go into great details about the new Lorac Lips with Benefits in this post since I have a separate review planned for them but I will say they look mighty cool don’t they? Sadly, the shade Andy, was a bit too nude for me so I avoided using it in my look. It’s a cream shade that’s a cross between rose, pale purple, and berry, very odd and wasn’t in my favor sadly.

Perk alert, they also threw in a full size Visual Effects Mascara, I’ve reviewed it before and it happens to be one of my HG (holy grail) mascaras so I was every so delighted about the addition of the full size in the set! Click here to read the review.

Overall, the Lorac Unzipped Nude Collection misses a beat with the color selection for me, it’s a tad mismatched, but still earns extra points for the value and quality of each product included. It’s a lovely little selection of products at an incredible price and shouldn’t be missed if you like getting more for your buck. Plus if you feel like you simply own too many nude shades of shadow this is a nice way to get the mini size of the Unzipped Palette plus some great extracts for a value price.

It’s available now exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com

Anyone try it yet?

Wanting to purchase?

Do share!


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 2/22/12 14:55 Sarah S.:

    I don’t think that brown looks dark enough for them to claim you can get a dramatic look with it :/


  • 2/22/12 17:06 Andrea:

    I just bought this yesterday and used everything but the mascara today. I already have 2 open and I want to finish them up first. I love this kit!! I visited it about 4 times in Ulta before I finally took the plunge. My concerns were the blush and lip gloss. I’m super picky with glosses and it looked too nude….and I typically don’t go for blushes that color. But WOW! I am very happy with both of those items. The gloss is perfect…a MLBB shade that I’ve never had. It’s just too bad it’s an exclusive shade. I was already planning on repurchasing. The blush does seem a little grown up, and I think it makes me look polished. The shadows are wonderful and go well with my green eyes. Sorry about the looong comment, but this is one of my best purchases in the past few years!


  • 2/22/12 21:32 jen:

    Who sells this kit? I want it now! Perfect for my everyday


    • 2/22/12 22:04 the Muse:

      it’s listed right in this post jen hope it helps!


  • 2/23/12 6:19 aquahartz:

    nice set of colours for gifts & also nice set of colours for travel for those who love nude mild colours. also these colours are very much suitable for work.. nice & simple.
    I love the lippie & the blush tho. the just nice colours for work.


  • 2/23/12 11:23 yelena:

    i agree the set is a bit mismatched but who cares u dont have to use them together. i have to say th swatches look gorgeous, ESPECIALLY the blush so i actually wud like to try this!


  • 2/24/12 16:00 Ruthless:

    The blush and gloss are beautiful


  • 2/24/12 16:24 Majick:

    Well if those are the actual names of the colors then these are 4 different shades than are in the big unzipped. I just got the big one for my b-day. I have it with me now and I think I’m leaving work early to stp at Ulta to compare the colors.
    I’ll let you know either next week or maybe this weekend if I sign on the computer at all.
    Of course if they are different I may end up with the little one too. NO NO NO NO N O N O NO ;-D


  • 3/2/12 23:10 Sarah:

    Have you checked out the new UNZIPPED palette with 10 shades? I freakin’ love it


  • 3/5/12 17:28 Majick:

    Found out the only dup between this little palette and the big one is the palest matte cream color. (yes, I have both now LOL)


    • 9/10/13 21:49 Isela:

      I think u have answered my question 😉


  • 9/10/13 21:48 Isela:

    I have this palette and I was trying to figure out if it has the same colors as the larger version Unzipped palette. Would u know? Thx!


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