Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks Review & Swatches

I feel like I don’t have nearly enough golden peach shades in my makeup life like Tarte’s Glisten.

Isn’t that an amazing shade of glowing blush?

With that note in mind I asked a friend of mine who lives in Tokyo to purchase me Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks, a new glowing blush from Lunasol that promises a radiant finish.

The interesting packaging, allure of the color and promise of radiance were all key selling points plus the Lunasol name on the box makes this one a tempting little purchase.

Take a look!

Lunasol is one of Kanebo’s higher end luxury brands and available in Japan and a few select parts of Asia. I remember when Lunasol proved exclusive to Japan but it has branched out and I’m ever hopeful at some point in my makeup life it might one day hit the US Market, dreams my friends, smoke and mirrors.

Glowing Powder Cheeks is available as part of the Lunasol Spring 2012 Collection. To my understanding this is a limited edition product.

The blush packaging is new for Lunasol and perhaps a step down from the normally elegant metallic beige compacts that they typically embrace for their makeup. These are a whimsical boxed blush much like Benefit Coralista, Bella Bamba, etc…it’s different from the brand as it takes on more of a cuter look versus the elegance that the Lunasol name strikes in the heart’s of makeup junkies. I like the packaging well enough and enjoyed the addition of a soft bristled brush that’s a step up from the one you’ll get from Benefit although it is a bit smaller. The packaging proves travel friendly thanks to a material rubber band that wraps around the box so the top won’t pop off during travel. The cardboard box is sturdy but not so sturdy you want to travel daily with it.

I think it proves disappointing formula wise at this price point as it much reminds me of some of Kanebo’s other offerings such as Lavshuca. The shade, texture, and formula are that of a blush you could indulge in from Lavshuca for a much cheaper price point. It’s a traditional chalky Japanese blush (they intentionally go chalky as to absorb excess oil since Asian skin tends to be oily) with a sheerer color pay off. I expected silky, finely milled and better pigmentation than this but I ended up with sheerer, chalkier, and overall a rather decrease in quality compared to what Lunasol typically offers.

The color is entitled Pure Coral and it has a tiny, barely there hint of golden shimmer (you have to look really close to see it) that buffs away upon application. The color leans towards being orange-y coral and I know for a fact I have a similar shade from Lavshuca already, almost a spot on dupe. I expected a glowing golden peach but it’s a corally peach on my cheeks sans any glow or radiance factor.

At 3500 yen for 6 g of powder this is an absolute crazy price particularly because Lunasol’s typical quality just isn’t present.

3500 yen translates terribly to USD at the moment so you’re look at nearly $50. For that price you can get almost twice the product if you purchase Benefit Coralista at $28 and you’ll benefit from the gorgeous golden peach shade you desired that Lunasol promises but doesn’t deliver on.

Hate to knock Lunasol as it holds a special place in my heart but this blush simply isn’t worth it.

Grab yourself some Benefit and call it a night.

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 2/28/12 22:20 FadBurger:

    Which Lavshuca blush is the dupe? I recently got into Lavshuca products and I am somewhat curious about the blushes for my next Adambeauty order :3


    • 2/29/12 9:21 the Muse:

      any OR1 shade is pretty much a dupe imho ;D


  • 2/29/12 0:52 midori:

    I was looking forward to your review on this! I’ve always liked Lunasol’s limited edition blushes but was undecided on this; thank you for saving my money : )


    • 2/29/12 9:13 the Muse:

      my pleasure midori, you can get a nicer glowing peach from Benefit imho!


  • 2/29/12 4:29 plue:

    oh dear i am sorry to hear you don’t love it as much, as TW bloggers seem to be loving it very much!


    • 2/29/12 9:12 the Muse:

      mmm too sheer for me little sis :( I wish it was lovely!


      • 2/29/12 21:35 plue:

        now am thinking if I wan to pick this up or not, I quite like the look of RMK Sprinkling Cheeks too! I believe they are sold the same price


  • 3/4/12 8:01 Sharlynn:

    Such a lovely shade! I’d think I’d wear that everyday if I had it! Looks almost like the perfect cross of a peach and pink! Definitely would be brightening up any complexion!


  • 3/13/12 0:38 Des:

    Oh, thank goodness, I haven’t fallen in love yet with Lunasol or to Benefit, at least I know which to grab first. :)

    Great Review as always!


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