Lush Mother’s Day Collection Spring 2012

Bubble wands are back for Mother’s Day at Lush this year! Lush Mother’s Day 2012 brings a selection of reusable bubble bath wands that you can whisk around your bath tub like your Harry Potter or the tooth fairy, whichever you fancy.

Take a look!

So how do you use this crazy little wands?

Fill your tube with warm water and give our your wand a good swish around, making lots of soapy bubbles. Each wand will last up to six baths!

Lush Madame Butterfly £4.95
Madame Butterfly has the same gorgeous scent as the Rose Jam Bubbleroon – a sophisticated Turkish delight fragrance of rose and lemon. Rose absolute and oil to help improve skin’s appearance and to perfume skin and hair and of course to make the most of its aphrodisiac effect. Geranium oil has a sweet, beautifully floral and slightly sharp fragrance. It is thought to have a balancing effect on the nervous system, oil production and circulation. Finally, zesty lemon; toning and brightening on the skin, uplifting and makes a zesty top note in our fragrances.

Lush Tulip £4.95
The tulip, as well as being a beautiful spring flower, is also the symbol for International Women’s Day. Simon chose his delicious and refined chocolate orange Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon fragrance for this Mum wand.

Bergamot – light, fresh and floral and incredibly uplifting, it is incredibly relaxing. Just what you want in your bath. Tonka in its raw state has a very sweet, vanilla like aroma. It’s often used in aromatherapy for gladdening the heart! It’s also an aphrodisiac. Hello sailor! Cocoa absolute is purely for its amazing chocolatey fragrance here – such decadence! Aromatherapists use grapefruit for its antibacterial, antidepressant, antiseptic and astringent qualities; it is a very popular choice when looking for an oil to uplift the mood and clear the mind.

Lush The Mum £4.95
The classic and favourite ‘mum shape (so called because of Chrysanthemums) is back again – this year with the beautiful Green Bubbleroon fragrance.

Bright, toning orange oil counteracts the bitterness of the juniperberry and adds a refreshing top note to the perfume. It’s also great for brightening the skin. Light and refreshing, bergamot is in the recipe to add to the uplifting orangey perfume.

Lime distilled has a sharp, zesty, citrus peel aroma that is both mentally and physically uplifting. It is also known to help ease aches and pains. Aromatherapists use juniperberry oil to stimulate the mind, to help with anxiety and stress, and to cleanse the thoughts and emotions. Juniperberry oil was used in Tibet years ago as incense, a disinfectant and to ward off ‘evil spirits.’

Washing Up Fairy is a little different…..

Lush Washing Up Fairy £3.75
Just because we’re bringing this product out for Mother’s Day, it doesn’t mean we expect mums to do all the washing-up! Quite the opposite, we think mums do far too much washing-up as it is, so we’ve invented this in the hopes it will encourage other members of the family to get stuck in and lighten her load.

Simply fill your sink with hot water and give our fairy a good swish around, making lots of soapy bubbles. There’s a patent pending on this fab new invention, which makes an amazing green alternative to all those plastic washing-up liquid bottles that end up in landfill.

The washing-up fairy is scented with lemon and much kinder on your hands than standard washing up liquid. You can even use the leftover water to give your plants a drink after the dishes are done.

Lush Putty for Your Hands £5.95
Putty for Your Hands has a soft, squidgy consistency and a gentle lavender, tea tree and chamomile fragrance (the same as in our gentle Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser). There’s no soap base in this one so it will feel different from normal soap, but you can use it in the same way; rubbing the bar lightly over the hands under running water. Alternatively, you can break off a small piece and squidge it between your palms with water, rubbing this paste over your hands to wash them thoroughly. It doesn’t contain the foaming agents which can sometimes irritate sensitive skin, so it won’t lather like you’re used to; but don’t worry, it will still get your hands beautifully clean.

The Lush Mother’s Day Collection for Spring 2012 is available now at and you can go ahead and indulge now.

It’ll be available in a few weeks from Lush NA since our Mother’s Day comes a tad later than the UK.

  • 2/23/12 0:00 cat:

    I will definitely be getting Madame Butterfly and maybe some of the others if I like the way they smell in store. I’m not sure how well the bubble wands will work. They seem like they’ll just fall off the stick…but if they do, it seems like a nice twist on bubble bars which I can never get to make all the bubbles I want.


  • 2/23/12 20:12 WaywardLeigh:

    I’m so excited about this collection! I’m already planning on stocking up on The Mum before even trying it, just because I absolutely LOVE the scent of Green Bubbleroon. I wonder when it will be available in the US….


  • 5/12/12 22:46 Mermaid:

    I really love all the collection…..especially Tulip!!


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