MAC Marine Bright Formula Moisture Creme Review

Considering MAC just released Mineralize Charged Water Gel I’m not sure if you actually need to indulge in MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Moisture Creme.

You’re probably pretty stocked up with Charged Water Gel so this would be an indulgent little purchase.

Let’s take a look!

MAC typically takes special care with jamming their skincare products up with some very good ingredients such as antioxidants and beneficial plant extracts. Marine Bright is an upgrade to the original Lightful collection in the fact this formula supposed harvests seaweeds from the world’s natural oceans. God, that sounds so terribly gimmicky, sorry.

It helps nourish your skin while hydrating and fighting off melanin and free radicals. They promise your skin’s complexion will look evenly pigmented and radiant with use.

My theory?

It’s basically a moisturizer that will help to not only hydrate but add loss moisture to your skin which in turn results in a smoother, brighter appearance. Another words, it doesn’t necessarily treat hyper pigmentation or dark spots. As “lightful” can be misleading in some ways and you might automatically assume its a reference to whitening your skin or perhaps treating dark spots. Technically it hydrates skin which is a key step for revitalizing dullness and making your skin look fresher.

The gel-like formula is richer than the recently released Mineralize version and leans towards being more of a hybrid cream slash gel moisturizer. It absorbs easily, has a light almost aquatic scent, and moisturizes skin nicely. It should be suitable for most skin types since it leans towards being very lightweight without feeling greasy or having too shiny of a finish, it simply absorbs and leaves behind a smooth canvas for makeup. Dry skin types might not be thrilled with it as you might need something a bit richer for PM use but for AM use it works perfectly fine for easing dryness and creating a smooth, workable service for your foundation products.

Sadly, MAC makes the same mistake over and over again with packaging. Any good, working ingredients in the moisturizer won’t remain stable for long courtesy the jar packaging. Can we please start seeing tubes or pump bottles for moisturizers MAC? Seriously.

Overall, MAC Marine Bright Formula Moisture Creme is probably not what you think it is. Simply put it’s a nice, basic moisturizer that will ease dullness thanks to hydrating your skin but outside of that the bells and whistles are cut short thanks to thoughtless packaging.

I’d recommend it for an AM moisturizer because it excels at the job but for PM I’d definitely haul out the big guns, particularly for aging skin.

Tried it?

Love it?

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Available now from MAC Cosmetics.


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  • 2/22/12 12:18 Tangjeen:

    I’ve never used Mac skincare products but I agree with your thoughts on packaging.


  • 2/22/12 14:07 stef:

    What’s wrong with jar packaging?


    • 2/22/12 14:09 the Muse:

      you’re opening it and letting air into it plus touching it with your hands :-/ not good for the product.


  • 2/22/12 22:30 Nunuiviet:

    That’s right but most major high end brands still go along with the jar packaging…


  • 2/23/12 19:50 Phyrra:

    I wish more companies would turn to the containers with pumps. I actually just started using MAC Strobe Cream which comes in a tube, not a jar, and I like it 😉

    I have to say i love the packaging on the marine stuff :)


  • 7/5/13 21:17 Jess:

    Have you tried this product? It doesn’t sound like you have that is why I am confused. I have this and love it! This is my holy grail mac product. My face is always super red, so much so I couldn’t leave the house with at least some face makeup on. After only one use of this, the redness is gone and my skin has an even tone to it. I love this stuff!


    • 7/8/13 9:18 the Muse:

      yes jess that’s why I reviewed it. So glad to hear it worked for you unfortunately I didn’t have the same experience.


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