MAC Shop Kissable LipColour Reviews & Swatches

I reviewed and checked out MAC Kissable LipColours before but MAC has released five shades with the new MAC Shop Collection that you might just want to check out.


I find MAC Kissable LipColour jumps around a bit formula wise as lighter shades wear patchy and dry versus darker ones which have a smoother finish. I’m not a lover of lip creams and essentially I categorize this as such.

(Enchantee, So Vain, Scan-delicious)

These run thicker than a typical gloss and have a cream finish with a satiny dry down. As I mentioned the formula jumps around a bit for me as I love some and own some great shades of the product but dislike others. The lighter shades seem to accentuate dry, chapped lips and tend to migrate around a fair bit on my mouth. Darker shades have a comfortable wear and a smoother finish, these I find I like.

MAC Shop is a mix of darker and lighter colors. The three shades I tested out were Scan-delicious (bright raspberry), So Vain (nude beige peach), and En-chantee (mod pink). You can probably guess En-Chantee was the worst of the lot. It applied very patchy and aged my lips. Even with balm underneath the wear is really rather bad. The other two shades had a nice finish and applied smoothly without issues. Wear time varies but I can get in about five hours in with these however I did feel they suck the moisture right out of my lips if I do head into a three hour wear period.

Out of the lot So Vain, a color I already own, proved the nicest.

(Scan-Delicious, So Vain, Enchantee)


(So Vain)


Kissable LipColour is definitely a matter of preference. If you prefer lip creams with a satiny finish I imagine these will prove an absolute joy for you. If you’re more of a glossy, hydrating girl, you probably won’t like them.

These are available now at MAC counters or online at

Tried ’em?


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  • 2/9/12 19:59 Zoey:

    I kind of want to buy “Enchantee” because of the color but I normally can’t wear lip products that are so thick. Sadly, the way i smile always makes the product get on my teeth when it comes to thicker lip glosses 😛


    • 2/11/12 0:21 divinem (Melissa):

      There’s a trick for that, Zoey.

      1) Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
      2) Take your index finger and stick in your mouth, tightly wrapping your lips around your finger.
      3) Slowly draw the finger out, and it will pick up the lipstick that is applied too far in on the lip.
      4) Clean lipstick ring off your finger and go on with your day. Works like a charm every time!


  • 2/9/12 21:01 Hoang:

    I purchased Enchantee from the Peacocky collection a little while back and I ended up hating it with a fiery passion. It applied patchily on me, settling into my lip lines. It also was uber-drying and very non-natural looking. It was such a shame because I really liked the color in the tube. :/


  • 2/9/12 23:27 Regina:

    I have Flaunting It and it’s a mauvey-pink with slight purple undertones. I LOVE it because it’s so creamy and smooth on my lips. Very opaque but has a nice sheen and feel so good and moisturizing on my lips. I put a gloss underneath, maybe that makes a diff?? But it’s definitely not drying. I love it so much I have it on now and it’s almost midnight, lol.


  • 2/10/12 11:09 Vail Valley Girl:

    How does this compare to BareEscentuals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor?
    I love the Pretty Amazing Lipcolor but can’t find a berry/raspberry version of it. I am moving into the wet look these days.
    Scan Delicious looks like a berry and then maybe top with gloss.


    • 2/10/12 11:27 the Muse:

      pretty amazing feels more moisturizing to me vail, these are drier.


  • 2/11/12 0:17 divinem (Melissa):

    I got Scandelicious and Flaunting It as well as Woo Me. Not sure how II feel about Woo Me. It’s kind of flat.

    Nordstrom apparently had these priced at $15 each for several days on their site. I ordered four of them and saw they changed the price to $19, so I essentially got a free Kissable. WOOT!


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