MAC Shop Tendertones Review & Swatches

Tendertones are something that have grown on me over time. My first purchase was just a bust and I was incredibly disappointed with how sheer they were plus I wasn’t particularly excited about the pot, I’m not a lover of potted lipglosses.

But they really wriggled their way under my skin and into my heart and I’ve actually finished off a few of the shades I own. Gasp! Whoa right?

I was quite excited about their return in the MAC Cook Collection.

Let’s take a peek!

MAC has released four shades of Tendertones with MAC Cook. This is either a cause for great excitement for you or you’ll have a blah I’ll pass moment.

I urge you to check them out if you’ve never tried them or tried them before and wasn’t impressed. I haven’t had my hands on Tendertones since the original release in 2008 so I was quite surprised that the formula seemed better in many aspects.

Seems like these are glossier, tastier, and overall more brilliant for some reason. I dunno what MAC did but count me impressed at how delightfully soft the texture runs on these and how incredibly shiny they are on my lips.

The shades aren’t too shabby either.  Made up of bright reds, beige, yellow, and coral, these colors are a kaleidoscope of fun, funky colors for Spring.


  • Hush, Hush (sheer golden beige)-Might I suggest a peach stain or lipstick under this one. It just makes lips pop when worn on top of your favorite lip stain.
  • Purring (tangerine)-This is a stunning little orange-y tangerine that’s completely wearable. Thanks to the sheerer formula you can easily wear this on top of a peach lipstain or lipstick and get a very nice (not garish) orange-y shade of lovely on lips.
  • Hot n’ Saucy (cherry red)-So very lovely for enhancing your own natural lip color.
  • Tread Gently (soft lime green with yellow)-A very unique shade of light, yellow-y lime.

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Purring, Tread Gently, Hush, Hush, and Hot n’ Saucy)

(Swatched Left to Right: Tread Gently, Purring, Hot n’ Saucy, Hush, Hush)

Overall, MAC seems to have improved on an already terrific formula (don’t forget they also contain SPF). If you’ve tried them before and weren’t so impressed I urge you to have another go as I used to be one that disliked them but they tend to grow on you with time plus add to the fact this new and improved formula is rocking and you get a Muse Approval here.  But beware if you’re sensitive as they have a fruity taste and scent!





Loves ’em!

Worth hauling!

Grab all four, go wild.

Available now on counters now or online at

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  • 2/9/12 20:35 Candee:

    Rec’d Hot N Saucy today. I want Hush Hush too.


  • 2/9/12 20:54 Nana:

    they look like jellies 😀 gonna check them out when I go on a run to a mac store ^_^


  • 2/9/12 21:00 Cosmetics Aficionado:

    Love the orange!


  • 2/9/12 22:13 divinem1 (Melissa):

    I went absolutely berserk on this collection.

    2 Hush, Hush TT
    2 Hot n saucy TT
    2 Purring TT
    1 Tread Gently TT
    3 Quick Sizzle l/s
    3 Watch me Simmer l/s
    2 Dish it Up l/s
    1 Call Me Bubbles Quad
    1 Shop & Drop Quad
    2 Flaunting It
    2 Scan delicious
    3 Cremeblend blushes (1 of each)
    1 Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flower Fantasy
    1 Butterfly pigment stack
    1 Butterfly plushglass
    1 Designer Purple Pearlglide

    I think I”m done now. I am certifiable!


  • 2/10/12 7:25 lexi:

    damn….EZ Baby tendertone is my jam. I’m almost done with it…was hoping that would be re-stocked. I guess I can always stalk the CCOs?


  • 2/10/12 10:05 Cj:

    Already ordered hot n saucy and purring :) Did you get any of the plushglasses?


    • 2/10/12 11:28 the Muse:

      yup two but ordered the others ;-D love me some plushglasses!


      • 2/10/12 11:35 Cj:

        Same :D! I ordered confetti and on a holiday :)


        • 2/10/12 11:38 the Muse:

          i got press samples of both of those shades and ordered the other three ;-D I was thinking of a back up of confetti though!


  • 2/10/12 10:31 Vail Valley Girl:

    The red looks like has more coverage. Or is it just thicker swatch?
    I might get CRAZY and wear it on the ski slopes at Vail!


    • 2/10/12 11:27 the Muse:

      pretty decent on lips vail you can build it nicely :)


  • 2/10/12 11:16 Regina:

    Just purchased purring (try saying that 3 times, lol) from the website. They’ve been so generous with the free ship and free overnight ship codes that I just couldn’t resist!!


    • 2/10/12 11:25 the Muse:

      yay enjoy regina! any codes to share?


  • 2/10/12 12:01 nicki:

    picked up hot ‘n’ saucy today, think i need to go back for purring though.


  • 2/10/12 15:04 Boone:

    Hi Muse, how do you apply these? Seems like it would be horribly messy to dip a finger into such a pigmented gloss?


    • 2/10/12 15:05 the Muse:

      they aren’t pigmented, quite subtle Boone. I apply with a lip brush or a dense q tip works too.


      • 2/10/12 15:13 Boone:

        OK cool! I think I might give the tangerine one a try!


  • 2/10/12 15:35 Regina:

    Hi Muse,

    Just read your reply 😀
    Codes are “heart” and you get free overnight shipping. I used it this morning.

    And I think the other is “news” which gets you free shipping, just not overnight.


  • 2/10/12 16:17 Iris:

    Hey Muse!

    My fav sheer lipgloss EVER is the lancome lip gelee, which unfortunately was discontinued long ago. How do you think these compare?


  • 2/11/12 0:17 Olivia:

    ahh I want the orange one so bad! I might have to check tomorrow…


  • 2/11/12 6:00 Marie:

    I LOVE Tendertones!! I was so excited for this! I only got the yellow and the gold one, the more pigmented ones would probably look awful on my skin tone. I’m waiting on them to get here, can’t wait to try out the new formula!!


  • 2/11/12 20:43 Rachel:

    Never heard of these but they look awesome! That Tread Gently is really calling my name. Is it as sparkly and irridescent as it looks in the swatch?


  • 2/13/12 7:08 Angie Twe:

    I’m getting Hush Hush!


  • 2/16/12 21:27 Meghan:

    I just bought Purring and I love it. I have a Tendertone from 2008 called Warm Smile which is a brownish nude and smells like Watermelon. I LOVE TENDERTONES!!! I’m itching to go back and get Hot n’ Saucy when it’s not out of stock.


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