MAC Zoom Water Fast Lash

Anyone have an, “OMG black goggle Catwoman moment!” when they saw that promo image?

MAC Zoom Water Fast Lash, Catwoman’s mascara of choice.

MAC Zoom Water Fast Lash is a new waterproof formula that instantly combs through and lifts lashes adding volume. The sculpted brush has a unique three sided fibres embrace to hold and separate lashes while coating it with mascara.

MAC Zoom Water Fast Lash is $15 and will be available on counter March 1st.

Wicked cool Catwoman waterproof goggles sold separate.

  • 2/22/12 11:13 Agata:

    Looks awesome, I always use a waterproof mascara. I will have to try this one out although I have never used a MAC mascara.


  • 2/22/12 11:22 tiny:

    I got excited by this promo pic for a totally different reason…. Her lips are shaped like mine…. but then I got annoyed… because they overdrew her top lip and they did it uneven…. so now… idk how I feel about it….

    *lmao*… don’t judge me.. it’s early. 😛


  • 2/22/12 12:36 Candee:

    Is this LE or permanent?


    • 2/22/12 12:41 the Muse:

      perms :)


      • 2/22/12 16:13 Candee702:

        Thanks miss!


        • 2/22/12 16:22 the Muse:



  • 2/22/12 15:18 Janelle:

    I have been visiting your blog for awhile and never comment. But I just want to say I really enjoy your tone and wit in your writing! You always make me laugh! :-) I want those cat woman goggles!


    • 2/22/12 15:40 the Muse:

      teehee thanks for commenting today janelle and sure am glad that my corniness gave you a giggle ;-D me too ha! we need to apply loads of mascara when we wear them k? so our lashes hit the goggles! w00t!


  • 2/23/12 3:24 Melissa:

    OMG Black goggle cat woman! Woo hoo!! Ty for the post. I’m due for a new mascara 3/1. How perfect is that?. Kidding I don’t schedule my mascara but I think I’ll try this!


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