Milani Marbelized Baked Eyeshadow Copper Excess, Green Fortune, Must Have Fuchsia Review & Swatches

Milani has introduced three new shades of their Marbelized Baked Eyeshadow to their line up for Spring 2012. These shades will remain added to the catalog so they aren’t limited edition and you have plenty of time to purchase them.

Both the price point and the quality make them a tempting pick for Spring plus one shade stands out as a true keeper.

Take a look!

Many of the original shades are blackened colors or darker shades which I couldn’t necessarily wear as I felt like they emphasized my dark circles and aging eyes however these newer shades are fresher, lighter, and easier to sport plus the vibrancy of the colors are fun for Spring (or Summer) looks.

Another thing to take note of about the older shades is the inconsistency in the formula, color pay off, and amount of shimmer for each shade. The collection was a mixed bag of textures and pigmentations with each shadow having its own characteristics so you couldn’t really review them on a whole, they were best reviewed as individual products.

These new colors are fairly consistent in terms of formula, quality, and pigmentation. All of them blend easily, have a nice color payoff (wet or dry), and a smooth, even glide across lids. For under eight dollars per shade, you’ll looking at fairly decent quality at this very friendly price tag.

Copper Express is a true keeper and a gorgeous shade of golden peach. This was my favorite of the lot and makes an excellent shade of blush as well as an eyeshadow should you choose to multitask with it. Green Fortune is the most unusual and embraces the marble look wholeheartedly with three different swirls of green and a soft bronze. Green Fortune has the most sparkle in the lot with a good deal of glittery bits and bobs in the mix. Must Have Fuchsia is a bright shade of wearable fuchsia pink. This color isn’t too neon and allows for a vibrant look on lids without being overly done.

(Must Have Fuchsia, Green Fortune, & Copper Excess)

(Must Have Fuchsia)

(Green Fortune)

(Copper Excess)

The shades have a nice metallic gleam when applied wet but I prefer them applied dry. There is minimal fall out issues with Green Fortune but nothing that doesn’t clean up easily.

I’m not partial to Milani’s packaging. It’s the standard gold with curved applicator (this isn’t a great aid for application) which I find a tad uneventful.

Overall, this shades are a welcome addition for those who enjoy vibrant shades of color. Copper Excess is particularly a lovely shade and in fitting with the peach/coral trend that normally hits around Spring/Summer. The price of $7.49 is extra friendly for those on a budget plus drugstores always have Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off offers which sweetens the deal considerably. I liked these a lot and thought the colors much better than others I already own from the original release.

(Copper Excess on Eyes)

Muse Approved for purchase.

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  • 2/28/12 12:49 susan:

    The green looks especially groovy in the pot – almost a piece of art – but the copper looks great on you.


    • 2/28/12 13:00 the Muse:

      aw thanks susan!


  • 2/28/12 13:35 kimkats:

    OMG – copper excess looks great on you! And it’s funny – the first thing I thought when I saw the swatch is that it would make a wonderful blush! 😀 Great minds think alike! 😀

    I am gonna keep an eye out for these and snap copper and the green one up the next time someone has a b1g1 50%off sale! Thanks Muse – yer luvly!


  • 2/28/12 17:50 Lisa S.:

    Love the copper on you. I got green Fortune and it has quite a bit of the coppery and pinky color in my pan instead of so much green. I get a pretty, light khaki green/beige color. In fact I have it on today! :0)


    • 3/13/12 16:28 the Muse:

      aw thanks lisa sorry for the delayed reply, love fortune, great shade and so unique ;D


  • 2/29/12 4:34 Musebeliever:

    Prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! *o*
    But won’t get it because I spent all my good money at kiko :
    I’m in love with the collection, particularly the eyeshadow palettes ! *o*
    I find it sad that it is not available in the US. If you ever want to give it a try I could buy them for you.


    • 2/29/12 9:45 the Muse:

      aw thanks muse, much appreciate that ;D! might take you up on that offer in the future!


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