Philosophy Love Sweet Love Fragrance

A little Love Sweet Love for Valentine’s Day?

Philosophy Love Sweet Love Fragrance is their new fruity floral fragrance. This lively fragrance promises to be fruity and sweet with touches of floral.

I’m curious about this one. Philosophy fragrances and I don’t typically get on but this might be the one to change my mind!

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  • 2/2/12 12:38 diane:

    I like the love scents so much better than the graces, so im curious to smell this one!


  • 2/2/12 13:34 jody:

    Hmmmm. I am curious. As an observer. I need no more! Last month I bought gigantic Pure Grace. It’s amazing. I am on a cosmetic no buy. What do I do? Transfer my focus to candles and fragrances. Oy vey.

    Admitting the problem is the first step, no?


    • 2/2/12 14:12 the Muse:

      so they tell me…not sure I’ve admitted my issues yet though LOL!


  • 2/2/12 15:34 dina:

    oh, another one i am patiently stalking! was tempted to order from phil unsmelled but i did that with eternal grace and BAH so i’ll await a sniff :)


  • 2/2/12 17:25 Heather:

    If it was called Love, Twue Love, I’d be all over it.


  • 2/9/12 1:27 Joyce:

    Falling in love is my favorite Philosophy fragrance. Just smelled it at Sephora today and it’s definitely sweet. I like it.


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