Rain Cosmetics Blood, Sweat & Tears Review & Swatches

Rain Cosmetics introduced a very interesting selection of lip products recently entitled Blood, Sweat, & Tears. Blood is a red lip stain, Sweat is shimmer gold overcoat, and Tears is a clear gloss. The products are sold separately for $12 each however for the best results you’ll want to purchase all three for $30.

Take a peek!

I don’t love wearing a ton of makeup on the weekends but I also don’t like heading out of the house with nothing at all on. I favor a natural cheek and lip look on my off days and that’s where products like Blood, Sweat, & Tears prove ideal.

This is a selection of interesting little lip products that used together will create a pretty flush of shimmering, glossy color on lips.

Each tube comes in a tiny square tube that features the traditional light aqua Rain packaging. Rain really excels at making some visually pretty packaging.

These are pretty tiny but they prove travel friendly and idea for toting around or stashing in a desk drawer. I know I’m a bit of a laze with reapplication of lipstick and gloss when its worn away so I stash all three of these in my desk drawer for a super quick lip look.

Blood is a very subtly tinted red lip stain and the first step in the application. This is a nice lightweight gel stain that doesn’t dry lips out nor is garish. The color pay off is on the lighter side of the fence which is great because it gives the lips a more natural staining effect versus one that’s loud and a bit too clown-y.

Sweat is white gold shimmering overcoat. This is a drier texture which is why you’ll want to either indulge in Tears to give it a glossy finish or use a clear gloss of your own.

Finally, Tears is a clear gloss. This is the final step in the look. Apply it on top of Blood and Sweat and it’ll create a clear, glossy finish. This is pretty lightweight sans any major stickiness or tackiness. It wears quite long and allows both the tint and shimmer to stick around on your lips for at least four hours of wear.

I’m not sure if you want to go to the trouble of applying all three products. They were created to use individually or together however I think the best results stems from using all three. I actually liked the results alot after using all three. It’s a hint of shimmer over a natural flush of red on my lips with a fine, glossy finish. The perfect natural lip look.

I enjoyed these to be honest but I’m already a big fan of lip stains to begin with so that might be why I love them!

What do you think?

Available now at www.raincosmetics.com


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 2/6/12 18:46 Nana:

    no makeup on the weekends?! Thats the time to get wild and crazy !! Lol


    • 2/6/12 21:46 kiwikiwidragon:

      agreed, it takes me more time to use all the stuff i want to test out. More makeup on the weekends! LOL :)


      • 2/7/12 11:47 Chels:



  • 2/6/12 21:01 Tammie:

    Why didn’t they just make a sheer red gloss with gold shimmers haha…


  • 2/7/12 13:39 M:

    I tend to use more makeup on weekends because then I have more time to play around with colours, LOL. I can never wake up early enough on weekdays to do anything more than the office lady look. 😉

    Now, if only HE came along with the purchase of anything from Rain Cosmetics (a woman can dream): http://twenty2.onsugar.com/Rain-Movieweek-6453776#read-more


  • 2/7/12 18:19 Brittany:

    I know some people thought the names were strange, but I am in love with the idea! Muse, can you describe the size of these? Like how much product do they contain?


  • 2/9/12 9:31 Kim:

    I have to agree with Nana, kiwi and chels. More makeup for weekends!


  • 2/14/12 6:05 Fayte:

    I was definitely tempted when you first mentioned it on the site, but now I’m really gunning for them. It’s nice to hear that the stain is of a gel consistency, as I am a victim of uber dry lips 24/7.

    Thanks for the post!


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