Sephora Volume Booster Gloss Serum Review & Swatches

Sephora you keep creating quality, cheap cosmetics, I’ll be back for more.

Spring is a time for renewal and Sephora indeed renewed this year with some fresh, exciting products. Generally speaking my experience with their cosmetic line is a hit or miss but I enjoyed their Spring 2012 offerings and every product I tried so far has been a complete win.

Their new Volume Booster Gloss Serum isn’t perfect but is pretty darn nice.

Take a lookiee!

Sephora Volume Booster Gloss Serum reminds me of the Japanese release of Maquillage Diamond Tear Gloss.

These come in a click style pen but the goods news is they don’t have a brush applicator attached as I know some of you aren’t particularly keen on such packaging. Instead of a brush this is a slanted plastic applicator that fits the contour of lips nicely while evenly and smoothly applying color.

Supposedly this plumps lips without a sting and indeed there isn’t a stinging issue or any peppermint, mint, cinnamon, etc…in the mix. It tastes pleasantly like SweetTarts candy to my mouth. The plumping action could be courtesy the thickness of the gloss which makes lips appear fuller.

The perk of the gloss for me is the pigmentation and the highly glossy finish. These have a wet like shine that doesn’t quit. They appear extra glossy and shiny on lips. I’ve only tried a single shade, In Love, but it had medium to full coverage depending the amount applied.

On the upside the formula is moisturizing and pleasantly lightweight but on the downside its a bit too slippery and thin so it tends to migrate around and proceed to slip away easily. It simply lacks tackiness to keep it hanging out on your lips for long sadly.

Overall, Sephora is definitely looking up and bringing their A game to their own makeup collection. At $15, I’ll happily indulge in a few more of these. They do have an extra short wear time but I can forsake that for the killer shade selection, lovely little price, and comfortable wear (hey, sometimes you don’t wanna deal with the stickiness).

You can get ’em now online at or in store.

Tried ’em?

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This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 2/22/12 19:02 Ljana:

    Oooh, I was just looking at those yesterday at my local Sephora, debating whether to indulge (not that much of a lipgloss wearer myself, more of a sheer, shiny lipstick fan) and then I thought I’d better wait for a review! I think I’ll give it a go now.
    But yeah, Sephora have been stepping up their game lately. They also have a new foundation out in Europe – brightening and hydrating – something to that effect; and it’s quite good. Well, better than any of their older bases that I’ve tried anyway.


  • 2/22/12 21:22 Fey:

    I’m a fan of the packaging and the glassy gloss product. Too bad I can’t pull off that shade. I bet it looks super good on you! I prefer stinging glosses though…


  • 2/23/12 11:02 Ci:

    Hi Muse,

    I got mine yesterday and lovin’ it so far. Pigmentation wise, I think it is a bit sheer but the hydrating factor is awesome. I will probably go back for more! :)


  • 2/24/12 16:06 Majick:

    looks nice – color is pretty – too slippery won’t work for me – thanks for the review.


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