Sexylook X Hello Kitty Rose Fruit Gigawhite Silk Moisture Mask Review

How stupid cute are these Sexylook X Hello Kitty Sheet Masks?

While on holiday this Summer I picked up too many boxes of these for myself and friends in a variety of formulas since I adore Hello Kitty.

Let’s take a peek!

These were available for a limited time but I know stocks them still if you’d like to indulge.

The masks are not only fun but actually effective as well. Sheet masks are sadly not as popular here in the US as they are in Asia but I made them an essential part of my skincare regime since many of them have highly hydrating and effective whitening abilities.

Each mask is made of a soft, fiber cotton which is saturated with essence. You can leave it on 10-30 minutes, heck, I sometimes go longer.

I didn’t love the scent of these Hello Kitty ones as they have a traditional Charmin Toilet Paper kinda scent going on that some Asian brands love scenting their skincare with. It’s rose which I typical like but this was a tad strong so if you’re sensitive be aware of this.

The mask contains rose, fruit, silk protein, and something called Gigawhite for brightening skin. They are highly moisturizing and give my dry skin a much needed lasting hydrating feel. I like using them every other night in conjunction with my other nightly products to get the most moisture as my skin can use every drop of moisture it can get at the moment.

It does brighten and ease dullness the results of which are particularly noticeable the day after use. It’s not a lasting effect but it will leave your duller skin looking very bright and almost glow-y after use for a good while after application (days).

Overall, the only downsize is the fact they are available for a limited time as I really enjoyed the formula and of course, the sweet packaging!

I’d check out E-bay or if you want to indulge.

Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • 2/7/12 21:20 Miss_Silk:

    OMG sooo kawaii~!


  • 2/9/12 19:40 Hai Dao L:

    LOL, loving the distressed kitty in the instructions :)


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