Yay or Nay: Victoria’s Secret Dazzleshine Lipgloss

Yay /yā/
Exclamation: Expressing triumph, approval, or encouragement: “Yay! I just shot a zombie in the forehead and survived to tell the tale”.

Nay /nā/
Noun: A negative answer: “Nay, I’m not going outside and shooting those zombies, you do that shiz!”.

A game of yay or nay today starring Victoria’s Secret Dazzleshine Lipgloss. Available in six shades with a shimmer finish and a brush applicator these little beauties are the newest addition to the Beauty Rush Collection, which sadly, hasn’t been updated in a little bit.

I haven’t tried them yet. GASP! Shock! I know right? So I can’t participate in this yay or nay session.

But have you tried ’em?

Yay! Can’t live without ’em!

Nay! Don’t like ’em, meh!

Do give the good word!

  • 2/21/12 17:45 Tiffany:

    i have this in cocoshine and it taste amazinggggggggg


    • 2/21/12 17:46 Tiffany:

      lmao meant to say smells amazinggg


    • 2/21/12 17:47 the Muse:

      prob tastes good too!? :)


      • 2/21/12 18:12 Tiffany:

        well it is tempting to eat since it smells amazing! LOL but the applicator sucks , it provides little product and makes it annoying to keep digging for more gloss , but overall its pretty good!


  • 2/21/12 18:25 Sarah S.:

    Wantssss it (turns into makeup Gollum)


  • 2/21/12 19:29 The Peach:

    Haven’t tried them, but can I say “meh”. Don’t excite me too much.


  • 2/21/12 20:11 Hoang:

    These look cool! These remind me of the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Glosses, MAC Dazzleglasses, and the Milani Glitzy Glam 3D Glosses meshed into one :)


    • 2/23/12 20:30 Cynthia:

      I was just gonna say these remind me of the UD pocket rockets, and I LOVE THOSE.


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