Bath & Body Works Liplicious Fresh Picked Lip Gloss

Bath and Body Works has brought back their Fresh Picked Favorites Collection for Spring. Last year, the collection consists of hand soaps only. I was ok with these but quite a number of folks didn’t like them. I have to agree, it wasn’t Bath and Body Works best collection in the world.

This year, the hand soaps are back but BBW also threw in a few candles as well as, you might have guessed this one, new Liplicious Lipglosses.

Take a peek!

Liplicious Fresh Picked Lip Gloss Fresh Cherries
Adds a shimmery medium red pink shade to lips with a cherry scent and flavor.

Liplicious Fresh Picked Lip Gloss Fresh Peaches
Adds a shimmery sheer golden shade to lips with a peachy keen taste and scent!

Liplicious Fresh Picked Lip Gloss Fresh Strawberries
Adds a shimmery pale pink shade to lips and delicious fresh picked strawberry flavor.

Even if you couldn’t get on with the hand soaps perhaps these Liplicious Fresh picked Lipglosses might be one for you.

These are available now at Bath & Body Works.

  • 3/5/12 17:32 Candee:

    Those sound yummy!!!


  • 3/5/12 17:49 Phyrra:

    It’s hard to pass up cherries!


  • 3/5/12 18:51 Stacey:

    Sounds delish!!! Cant wait to haul these!!!


  • 3/6/12 16:00 Cindy:

    Hi Muse!

    I just picked up the strawberry and peach one from BBW and omg… smells sooo delicious! I didnt pick up the cherry one because I am not a fan of that scent, but I must say, out of the three, the cherry one is the most pigmented, followed by the strawberry then the peach.

    Yes, YOU NEED THEM! bwhahahaha


    • 3/6/12 16:08 the Muse:

      ooo no stop ;-D I really don’t NEED more liplicious ;D


  • 3/11/12 17:22 Cupcake:

    Liplicious is toooooo addicting.I just can’t stop geeting my little hands on everything!


  • 3/11/12 17:23 Cupcake:

    Sorry about the typo!


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