Bobbi Brown Brow Collection Spring 2012

I have to tell you something, I seriously do not need brow powders at all. I never use them. My brows are so thick, so busy, I need a weed whacker to tame them. Adding brow powders or creams to that mix and you have scary.

I envy you if you have thinner brows. I wouldn’t mind the chore of filling them at all versus constantly plucking!

If you need a little help with your brows, the Bobbi Brown Brow Collection for Spring 2012 lends a hand!

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch-Up (Improved Formula) $20
The Natural Brow Shaper and Hair Touch-Up is an easy-to-use cream-gel formula that works to define and fill in the brows, while controlling and shaping eyebrow hairs. The result is natural definition with a long lasting, polished look. A specially designed brush, resembling a mascara wand, allows for a precise, no mess application.

Offered in five shades to match most brow colors, these shapers are also a great option for instant hair touch-ups. Simply swipe the wand through hair to cover any unwanted grays in between trips to the salon.


  • Clear
  • Blonde
  • Mahogany
  • Auburn
  • Rich Brown

Bobbi Brown Brow Kits (New) $45
Perfect for the brow aficionado or the woman on the go, Bobbi’s new Brow Kits contain everything you need to naturally shape and intensify your brows, ultimately giving the face a lifted appearance. Offered in two shades that are sure to complement light or dark brows, each kit contains two shadows that can be used to fill in the brows; a new and improved stiff angled brow brush, perfect for applying the shadows; a doublesided mirror with a magnifying side for more precise application, and a mini set of tweezers for touch-ups on the go.


  • Cement
  • Saddle


  • Birch
  • Mahogany

Get your unruly brows in order at or your favorite counter.

  • 3/13/12 10:20 Cj:

    I’m always like super crazy careful with my brows lol, I barely ever pluck and when I do I make sure to have like… A safe zone around my brows to make sure I don’t pluck something important lol. Does that make sense? Same thing when I use peel off masks lol. I do use lancomes brow groomer tho, it’s like a tinted wax to keep em neat lol


    • 3/13/12 10:56 the Muse:

      totally I have to be super careful to b/c I have and will over pluck ;-D! I use a little rosebud salve to keep them in place ;-D cheaper haha!


  • 3/17/12 21:24 ruthless:

    i have dark, dark brows that don’t need filling (much) although they are so ashy toned that I will do a bit of color correcting with a warmer tone. But only very slightly.


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