Carol’s Daughter Acai Skincare Collection

Carol’s Daughter long known for their fresh from “mum’s kitchen” skincare has some mighty fine picks for soothing dry elbows and knees, soothing and conditioning hair, and of course just all around good for you products to take care of your entire body.

Just not your face.

Until now.

Carol’s Daughter Acai Skincare Collection is the brand’s first venture into the facial skincare world and has launched with some interesting offerings. Now we can officially say that Carol’s Daughter will literally take care of your skin and hair from head to toes.

Take a peek!

Carol’s Daughter Acai Clarifying Foam Cleanser $20
This silky foam does more than just clean. Its rich ingredients have multitasking abilities that manage oil production as it breaks down impurities and removes makeup residue. Super-antioxidant Acai revitalizes and reveals younger-looking skin. Meadowsweet is a natural exfoliator that works well with Verbena, which reduces oils that may cause future breakouts. You’ll have fresh and soft skin that doesn’t feel tight.

Carol’s Daughter Acai Hydrating Face Butter $14
Super-fruit Acai revitalizes and reveals younger-looking skin. Natural oils like Soybean and Carrot Seed soften and moisturize it, keeping dry patches from ever seeing the light of day.

Carol’s Daughter Acai Hydrating Exfoliating Toner $19
Here’s the perfect balance: a toner and exfoliator with environmental protection – all in one! Super-antioxidant Acai revitalizes and reveals younger-looking skin. Meadowsweet clears away dead-skin cells. Plus, rich Aloe Leaf Juice hydrates and soothes parched skin – leaving it cool, radiant and flawless!

Carol’s Daughter Acai Hydrating Face Lotion $25
This sheer lotion absorbs into the skin quickly – instantly reviving its vibrant glow. Super-antioxidant Acai revitalizes and reveals younger-looking skin. Rich Aloe Leaf Juice deeply hydrates, preventing skin from ever feeling parched. Plus, it’s packed with Vitamins A and E to help improve the skin’s elasticity. It will feel soft and moisturized all day.

The entire collection is paraben-free and loaded up with Vitamins A, E, and Acai.

I’m curious about the face butter!

It’s available now at Ulta and

  • 3/8/12 16:56 Karena:

    Hi there! This new line looks great! I love your website and reviews! I don’t mean to contradict, but Carol’s Daughter has has skin care items for the face out for about a year or more. The facial skin care is even on HSN. So, this is just the launch of their new Acai-based line.


    • 3/9/12 11:40 the Muse:

      hi karena I actually had no idea, someone just mentioned it was only two pieces though :) thanks for the heads up.


      • 3/14/12 17:28 Karena:

        Oh, she has two skincare lines, not two skincare pieces. Each line has three distinct items, a cleanser, toner and moisturizer, for a total of 6 skincare items (before this Acai line).


  • 3/8/12 22:22 Fuuka:

    ….must resist….
    I bet it smells divine like all other Carol’s Daughter products. I love all their hair products. I remember getting so excited when they had the Princess & The Frog collab. I went out and bought the entire line and loved it.


    • 3/9/12 11:36 the Muse:

      aw yeah that was a cute collection fuuka!


  • 3/8/12 23:45 LeAnn:

    She had 2 small lines of facial products called Bring in the Moisture and Wash Away the Oil that were sold at Sephora, but they’ve disappeared recently and never seemed to sell too well.. Can’t wait to try the new formulations!


    • 3/9/12 11:35 the Muse:

      i don’t even remember that leann ;-D


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