Clarins Instant Light Blush Review & Swatches

Possibly one of the best lemmings of the season to have is the new limited edition Clarins Instant Light Blush. This creamy gel-like blush is part cheek stain part cream blush and all worthy of your attention.

Take a peek!

It’s Spring and Summer soon after therefore lightweight blushes are your ticket to flawless, natural looking makeup. Clarins Instant Light Blush successfully delivers lightweight color to your cheeks with a creamy gel-like formula that has a long wear time, an easy to blend formula, and completely travel friendly packaging.

This comes in a tiny, chunky lipgloss style packaging and has a huge sponge applicator for application. The applicator saturates well with color so no double dipping to get enough product onto it. You’ll find the color incredibly natural here and builds super easily. It’s fairly goof proof application as you can put a little or a lot on without every over doing it. The formula has a creamy almost gel-like consistency that blends out easily leaving behind natural radiance. I find the product is just right in terms of color pay off, not too much, never too little, just in the middle of perfect. I tried it in the color Vitamin Pink but there is a bronze as well as a coral color should you want to go a bit warmer. Vitamin Pink leaves behind a delicate shade of natural pink on cheeks and face.

I find the packaging completely easy to tote around for touch ups but there isn’t much of need for that as the formula wears long, at least eight hours.

The only issue with Instant Light Blush?

We need more shades and this needs to become part of Clarins’ regular catalog, not just limited edition.

Loves it!

Do pick it up before it disappears.

Muse Approved for purchase.

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This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 3/12/12 19:05 Bora:

    I love Vitamin Pink as a blush and the coral one works well as a warm highlighter on me. The only gripe I have is how messy the wand is when removed from the tube. It’s a pet peeve of mine when you pull a wand out of a tube and the wiper mechanism isn’t flush to the wand. You get a messy goopy wand. I know, I’m being picky!


    • 3/12/12 20:38 the Muse:

      true bora it does really take a whole buncha of product out of the tube…at least it isn’t messy going back in PHEW!


  • 3/12/12 19:12 Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado:

    This is so pretty!!


  • 3/12/12 19:31 Amanda:

    I love your blog so much! I have been reading it for a while now (it has contributed greatly to my growing beauty obsession and therefore declining bank account!) and I finally decided to post comment :) This Clarins blush looks gorgeous, I’ve never tried anything from Clarins but I just might have to check it out, blush is my favorite!


    • 3/12/12 20:38 the Muse:

      aw thanks amanda I really appreciate your reading musings!!!!!! I’m so glad you came out of lurking ;D clarins is so underrated def give it a whirl I think you’ll like!


  • 3/12/12 19:33 Lisa:

    I love and hate you (not really though!). I am going to Nordies tomorrow and my list of wants is scary looking. LOL
    I’m going to try out the EL invisible fluid foundation, shiseido perfect refining foundation and is the new chanel compact out yet? Plus in major need of face power. I’ve been using MUFE HD powder, and while it is okay it doesn’t hold up in FL humidity plus it is so fine I breathe it and choke myself every morning. Any recommendations? I would love to try out the blush, it looks gorg on you, but I can’t justify the purchase when my stash is out of control… -.-;;;


    • 3/12/12 20:37 the Muse:

      lol lisa sorry chica ;-D def want the EL one you are going to love refining foundation it is amazinggggggggggggg my chanel counter didn’t have it but I’d check yours if you are nordies anyway might as well! that new josie powder looks good, have you tried that?! ha tell me about it, wish I could get a handle on mine :(


      • 3/12/12 21:00 Lisa:

        I’m wondering which foundation will hold up best to humidity. Shiseido or EL? I swore off EL foundations for the longest time. They smelled like old ladies, the MUA always put me in way darker shades for my skin (I’m I00, NC15, porcelain…) and I looked like a freaking oompa loompa. But you recent post has me lemming. But if it doesn’t stand up to humidity, it’s a no go. :( Crossing my fingers!


  • 3/12/12 19:42 Barbara:

    This looks really lovely. I’ve seen Lisa Eldridge use the coral in one of her recent videos (red lips one, I think) and I was impressed with how natural and dewy the flush looked.

    I will definitely check this out next time I’m at a department store.


  • 3/12/12 20:15 EttaJ:

    Wants! Thanks so much for the review. You’re the best-est, Muse!


    • 3/12/12 20:35 the Muse:

      aw my pleasure etta ;-D right backacha!


  • 3/12/12 20:18 The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog:

    Stop! I already am DYING to get both the coral and vitamin pink of these, they’re calling to me. I don’t need to see any more pics of them looking all sheer and springlike and pretty – I’m trying to resist!


    • 3/12/12 20:34 the Muse:

      hehe ;-D they really are a lovely little blush!


  • 3/13/12 0:29 aquahartz:

    oh wow, pretty pink! a very pretty pop of colour on u, muse!
    clarins has really up their make up collections in the past few years ey. yay, more reasons for me to add my make up stash. haha.

    btw, ur blog somehow has encouraged me to venture into cream/gel blush. =) how do u wear this though? before/after cream foundation before/after setting powder? before/ after mineral powder foundation?



    • 3/13/12 9:18 the Muse:

      aw thanks aqua, appreciate the lovely comment. I normally do all my base products and apply my blush last.


  • 3/13/12 17:06 mentalista stylista:

    Grrr. Muse why you do this me :) I have been trying so hard to resist buying this. Such a fan of liquid blushers.. I really love your blog and always read my daily dose :) drop by my blog when you have time..
    Now I go to scour to get my mitts on the pink and coral shade.. blame you Muse dear.. MS


  • 3/16/12 14:00 Nadiar:

    aaahh, this is Gorgeous! Muse, you look lovely <3


    • 3/16/12 14:06 the Muse:

      aw thanks nadiar you’re too kind.


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