Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup should be popping up at a counter near you shortly. I rarely get excited about foundations but I’m quite interested in checking this out since I absolutely adore Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation and this seems quite similar.

Take a look!

This first of its kinda Intuitone technology foundation guarantees a true to you shade with a lightweight finish that’s flawless, radiant, and fresh.

This oily free makeup provides breath coverage that lasts all day without clogging pores. Coverage is seamless and breathable.

It sounds divine.

I must have it.

Available at Estee Lauder counters or online at for $35.

  • 3/9/12 9:48 Victoria:

    I hope its not wonderful on oily skin, if not i will be tempted to buy it.


  • 3/9/12 10:08 Cj:

    Morning :) I’m going to get this too, I was really wanting to try Chanel’s vita lumier aqua, and a lot of people are saying this is a more refined version of that so count me in 😀


    • 3/9/12 10:23 the Muse:

      more refined? really? I’m SO in now ;D!


      • 3/22/12 1:42 Christina:

        I don’t know if it’s more refined but I bought Chanel Vita Aqua and was in love with it until I learned that it has a high concentration of alcohol (3rd ingredient listed) which is actually damaging and can age you faster (free radicals or something like that). Just got a sample of this and can’t wait to try it.


        • 4/5/12 2:32 jamie:

          nooo!!!! loll

          i love myself some vitalumiere aqua!! my skin looks flawless with it :(

          oh well. i’m running out of it anyway :) this looks like a pretty good substitute.


  • 3/9/12 10:26 Josh :D:



  • 3/9/12 12:42 Larie:

    I’m just going to quote you: It sounds divine. I must have it!!! 😉


    • 3/9/12 12:56 the Muse:



  • 3/9/12 13:55 Liz!:

    I looooooooove Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua, so if this is better AND cheaper I definitely have to check it out!


  • 3/9/12 14:36 Kayla:

    So this is going to have light coverage?


  • 3/9/12 15:03 Somayea:

    at 1:47 or so, you can see her applying it 😀
    She is a professional MUA so she has had this before it’s been released. :)


  • 3/9/12 17:45 Tracey:

    I am a Regional Artist with Lauder, this formula is great! Light coverage, looks like skin, it is my favorite!


  • 3/10/12 1:12 Rola:

    This looks like a good one and different compared to what they currently offer. Thanks for heads up.


  • 3/10/12 10:05 Nikki:

    I want to try this too! Even though I loved vitaluminere aqua I had to return it because the lightest shade was too dark. I’m very picky when it comes to the shade matching.


  • 3/11/12 11:53 giuliamakeup:



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