GUD Floral Cherrynova Natural Hand Cream Review: You NEED this!

So is it GUD rhyming with mud or something more exotic like GUD rhyming with mood, with a long drawn out guttural g maybe something exotic sounding like the Dutch’s good morning, Goede morgen.

I’m still debating but whatever the pronunciation is GUD is Burt’s Bees hip little sister.

Have you tried the collection?

GUD Natural Hand Cream in Floral Cherrynova is a gorgeous mix of cherry blossom and almond milk done right. Sometimes Cherry Blossom scents go a little too floral for me but the addition of almond milk give this brilliant little hand cream a lovely little twang of cherry that combines beautifully with the Cherry Blossom floral notes for a fresh scent that’s delicate, girlish, and wonderful.

And hey, let’s not forget the none to shabby formula which absorbs easily without leaving my hands feeling greasy. It softens wonderfully leaving my hands smooth and silky.

Plus no parabens and its not tested on animals.

Have I convinced you?

I’m always hunting for the next hand cream to grace my desk but the hint may be over. I love this stuff.

Do grab some up!

You NEED it.

Muse Approved for purchase.

Available now at drugstores for $8, $8 that I might say is very well spent. Great formula all around.

Check it out in Orange Petalooza as well as Vanilla Flame if Cherry Blossom isn’t your deal.

P.S. My little kitten literally goes wild when I have this on. She just sits sniffing my hands and purring a mile a minute. Cat nip hand cream!

  • 3/15/12 19:58 Ashley:

    I think it’s Goo-d like moo-d. There’s a froyo place here called Yogen Früz and they pronounce the u as a OO sound 😛


  • 3/15/12 20:50 Aiia:

    My family is from Iceland – it’d be pronounced as “good” :)


    • 3/16/12 15:17 Majick:

      that was my thought too – it’s the u with the 2 dots over it: ü


      • 3/16/12 15:18 Majick:

        HAAAH – OMG – I am so OUT OF IT today – I never even looked at the package. oh dear… kind of slinking out for now. LOL


  • 3/15/12 21:09 Bonnie:

    It’s pronounced “good”! 😀
    I love this new line from Burt’s Bees… better smelling and better prices than their other products. Orange Petalooza is my favorite so far, I’ve gone through two of the body mists, am on my second lotion, and am running low on my hand lotion. It smells SO GOOD. I haven’t tried the cherry one yet, or the pear which is apparently exclusive to Target and may or may not be LE.


  • 3/15/12 22:33 Corey:

    i have the shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and bathwash in vanilla flame and LOVE them all!


  • 3/16/12 1:45 Shasta:

    Wow I have to try these in cherry, orange, and pear. Can’t stand vanilla scented things even though its my fave flavor to eat or drink. Haven’t seen these in Target here yet but hope to soon.


  • 3/16/12 10:00 Nikki:

    I love this line!! I’ve tried everything and I think it’s all fabulous! My favorite scents are pearanormal activity (available only at target) and orangepetalooze. Yum!!


  • 3/16/12 10:00 Linn:

    I’m Swiss and ü is a german letter that is is pronounced ew like in shrewd :)


  • 3/16/12 11:57 Kelly:

    I’ve used the Vanilla shampoo and Cherry conditioner. I’m liking this new line, I hope to see more scents.


  • 3/16/12 14:36 Colleen P.:

    I have the orange one. I love the scent, but I don’t find it moisturizing enough. It feels more like lotion than hand cream to me. Guess I’ll head back to my C. Booth.


  • 7/24/13 13:04 Madeline:

    where on earth did you find this? I looked in several stores near me (I’m embarrassed to tell you how many, lol) and I could only find the shampoo / conditioner and the body lotion. This is a very elusive hand cream – I might have to order it directly from them, which I hate doing because I like to check out the scents first. Any tips for locating this on the ground?


    • 7/24/13 13:07 the Muse:

      I think it was discontinued that’s why you’re finding it hard to locate :( perhaps ebay!?


  • 7/24/13 13:09 Madeline:

    ahh bummer. I thought it was new! it looks like you can still order it direct from BB though, so maybe I’ll do that. are you still liking it?


    • 7/24/13 13:11 the Muse:

      I don’t have anymore :( boo! but loved it when I did :) at least you can still get it from BB I think Walmart carries GUD now!? maybe try there?!


  • 7/24/13 13:13 Madeline:

    good to know! I just ordered the cherry blossom and the pear (which was only $4.80!) from their website. thanks!!


    • 7/24/13 13:15 the Muse:

      my pleasure 😀 I’m glad you were able to get it! Enjoy! I think you’ll love it!


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