Gud Natural Body Mist Vanilla Flame Review

Put the lime in the coconut and shake it up!

Well, there isn’t lime here but plenty of Summer-y coconut from Gud Body Mist in Vanilla Flame.

Mmmmm! Wish I had a scratch and sniff blog so you guys can experience the joy.

I think it’s customary to migrate towards lighter scents as the warmer weather sets in. Gud Natural Body Mist is one of those pleasant little surprises if you typically embrace lightweight scents or are looking to add ones to your fragrance wardrobe for Spring.

Possibly the nicest little surprise about the mist is the affordable six dollar price tag!

Vanilla Flame is a combination of rice milk and vanilla but I mostly get a vanilla/coconut-ty scent going on that reminds me of the beach, drinks with little umbrellas in ’em, and tanning oil!

The mist is cool and refreshing while the scent is subtle and light without being overpowering to the nose. Wear time is a bit on the short side but this is a body mist so that’s to be expected.

Overall, Gud Natural Body Mist is a pleasant little treat.

I likey!

Available in three scents for $6 each at Target and or visit to find out more about where you can shop Gud.

Muse Approved for purchase.

I likey!


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 3/22/12 18:52 midori:

    Scratch and sniff blog sounds interesting! I had this sudden mental image of scratching at the computer screen to enjoy a scent or two LOL
    I’ll certainly take a look at this the next time I go to Duane Reade; cool and refreshing is what I need when it’s so warm around here : )


  • 3/22/12 20:40 taylor:

    This one smells good. My favorite Gud scent is the Target pear one. Yum!


  • 4/2/12 19:27 christmas:

    I have the lotion for this. While it smells good, I can’t really detect vanilla! But now I kind of get the coconut.
    The pear one is my favorite though. The orange one was too floral for me.


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