Hard Candy Glow All The Way Instant Bronze Glow & Gradual Self Tanner Review & Swatches

Hard Candy introduced their Glow All The Way in two shades last Summer. This year they add two new Instant Bronze Glow shades to the collection which also acts as a Gradual Self Tanners for face and body.

If you’re a bronzing girl, you might want to check out this quickie budget glow.

I’m not a huge bronzing girl but even I can admit my legs need a little TLC because they are just pasty as hell after staying hidden away all Winter long.

Hard Candy Glow All The Way is the easiest (and safest) way to get an all over glow quickly. You can use this on your face as well as your arms, legs, anywhere on your body.

The formula is water based so it has a moisturizing feel that smoothes on easily and leaves behind a dewy finish. It’s supposedly infused with 24K Gold so it leaves behind a delightful little hint of gold. I tried it in the shade Deep Tan and was surprised how subtly it applied. I was a tad worried since it does come out of the tube a deep, dark shade of bronze brown but it applies a subtle golden tan.

I tried it on my legs only and it applied smoothly without looking streaky or off. It left my legs with a hint of color and a touch of golden sheen for a very nice “I stayed in the sun for a few hours” finish. It does stay dewy to the touch for a few minutes after application so I do suggest allowing it to dry down prior to slipping your clothes on just in case the product transfers to your clothes. This does act as a gradual tanner as well so with each application your skin will become deeper and darker.

This is a very affordable six dollars for a 3 oz tube so if you’re seeking a little beauty on the budget bronzing action, Hard Candy Glow All the Way Instant Bronze is just the ticket.

I’m not a fan in all honestly (I’m just not a bronzer girl) but it garners a Muse Approval for purchase for all the sun goddesses out there. The price, the lovely glow it imparts, and the ease of use can’t be beat.

Available exclusively at Walmart.

  • 3/19/12 21:22 Cait:

    I gave up on self tanners a couple years ago cause they were just too streaky and smelled awful, but I might have to give this one a try. How does this one smell?


    • 3/20/12 9:06 the Muse:

      subtle lemon note cait in the back ground.


  • 3/20/12 0:27 Fey:

    It’s so lovely!!! I barely made a dent in my pink tube. This stuff lasts so long…


  • 3/20/12 9:43 Nikki:

    I am very fair and I have this in the pink color and it works wonderfully as a highlighter! Love it!


  • 5/26/12 11:23 kim:

    is this a choice bronzer for darker skin tones?


  • 6/23/12 20:33 Emily:

    I just bought this self tanner in deep tan and sorry folks but it’s TERRIBLE. It made my face all blotchy and it looked half painted with brown ..the application is not to sweet either , to much sparkle as well . This could add a nice glowy tan to legs but not face.


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