Is Urban Decay Summer 2012 On The Way?

Are you following Urban Decay on Twitter?

Get over there and follow as I think they might be ready to drop the word about Summer 2012. Say hey, and hashtag it #UD68 maybe they’ll be willing to share some deets with you if you’re EXTRA nice!

They sent me a stealthy little token in the mail today….

What do you think it is?

What do you think it means?

I think it’s probably my membership into the Mickey Mouse Club that I’ve been waiting years and years for.

  • 3/26/12 17:18 Kristine Ayala:

    I know what it means:

    They are repacking all their eyeshadows to the ones you received. Also, they are creating a make your own palette for summer. The individual shadows can easily fit into the palette or you can just keep them in the pan. Haha.



  • 3/26/12 17:23 Kristine Ayala:

    Or maybe it’s something else 😉


  • 3/26/12 17:27 Joyce:

    New packaging for their single eyeshadows? It doesn’t really matter to me personally because I depot all my round single eyeshadows, but I love Urban Decay eyeshadows, so hopefully, they will be releasing some new shades. <3


  • 3/26/12 18:23 Soo:

    yesss, I’m kinda jelly of everyone who has one. maybe it’s a new travel pot for replaceable eyeshadows or something, I dunno. I’m terrible at guessing. but I love how sleek it looks!


  • 3/26/12 18:26 Tigress:

    I think they’re revamping their single eyeshadows in that spiffy new case and adding new shades and/or shades that were previously exclusive to palettes only (verve, mushroom, etc).


  • 3/26/12 19:18 Angelic Mariposa })Ӝ({:

    oh man…all I need!! this will be the 3rd different incarnation of packaging I need some!!


  • 3/26/12 20:24 CW:

    Looks like they’re revamping all of their eyeshadow. The explosions on their site and you all being sent the tokens… I’m so… Excited. I’m salivating. Literally foaming at the bit.


  • 3/26/12 21:33 emily:

    maybe on june 8th they’re launching new packaging??


  • 3/27/12 2:29 Melissa:

    or maybe new packaging or better yet new shadow colors in new packaging.. i like the sneaky tweets :)


  • 3/27/12 4:29 Musebeliever:

    I LOVE THE PACKAGING !!!! (I’m a UD fan ! XDDD)
    I saw the new collection of nail polish ! I WANT IT ! >.< But i'll have to wait ages until it arrives to France…


  • 3/27/12 8:03 Candee702:

    Nice upgrade from the extra cheesy, cheap looking packaging!


  • 3/27/12 8:28 Angela N.:

    It is a new concept, build your own palette. There are 68 permanent shades which all have been reformulated. Actually, all of the shadows starting with the 15 year anniversary shadow palette were the new formulations. The launch is going to happen in April. If you have any favorites, you might want to pick them up as the new eyeshadows will be hitting soon!


  • 3/27/12 9:23 Nikki:

    I just read about the big news!!! They reformulated their eyeshadow, and the new packaging allows you to pop them out of their pans and put them on pallets that UD will sell. The formula supposed to be even better than the original, softer, eaiser to blend more uniform color, more pigmented, longer wear and crease resistant. I’m pretty excited!! Sounds awesome!


  • 3/29/12 8:05 Jane:

    I heard about the palettes too. But at 18 bucks a shadow, no gracias.


  • 6/8/12 13:10 Majick:

    And now that they are going to be selling in China UD is no longer animal friendly/ cruelty free. SO… I will be returning my build your own palette because I do not see an UD purchase in my future.:-(
    Sorry to see such a great company succumb to greed over principal – but that is the way of the world.
    I’m just glad that I have enough makeup to last me way past death.


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