Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner Lipstick Queen Saint Eden Lipstick

Lipstick Queen is adding a new shade of Saint Lipstick to her collection.

And hey, did you know she has an invisible liner?

Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner ($18)
A perfect complement your wardrobe of bold lip looks. “Use Invisible Liner as you would a colored one, around the lip line prior to application. The silicone and waxes in the formula prevent your lipstick from bleeding without any danger of the circus clown look that can be the hazard of colored liners,” advises Poppy.

Lipstick Queen Saint Eden Lipstick ($18)
Poppy’s suggestion for someone who might be looking to walk before they run with the bold lipstick trend. This universally flattering shade is a bright, watermelon red sheer lipstick influenced by frequent getaways to Miami Beach’s famed Eden Roc. Saint Eden Lipstick provides deep hydration and a pop of long-lasting color. Build the shade for a more dramatic yet casual approach to glamour.

Eden sounds lovely!

What do you think?

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  • 3/15/12 14:25 Cj:

    I have the liner, It works great with the jean queen lipstick :)


    • 3/15/12 14:29 the Muse:

      i didn’t even know they had an invisible liner jebus I’m behind the times!


      • 3/15/12 14:36 Cj:

        Lol its basically just a stick of silicon but it actually works really good 😛 Anytime I wear jean queen or clarins sheer lipstick I use it. It goes on super smooth and prevents bleeding or as I like to call it, the coloring outside the lines look lol

        Btw did you hear Origins is coming out with a bb cream?? It’s going to be apart of their “A perfect world” line and it’s gonna have 6 shades so that migh mean I has some coverage :)


        • 3/16/12 12:18 the Muse:

          benefit used to have one, maybe they still do…I can always use one as my lipstick tends to migrate up my cheek lol! ;-D I heard, very exciting release ;D!


  • 3/16/12 15:49 Majick:

    I’ve had a few clear lip liners. My latest was UD 24/7 lip pencil in Ozone. I had another cheaper one from Bourjois when they used to sell it at Ulta. I like the UD pencil much better.
    I would definitely give Poppy’s a try.


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