Lipstick Queen Liptropolis Set

I request DC does a comic with a heroine that lives in Liptropolis. She’s be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, apply lipstick like Claire Standish, and fight off evil less than pigmented lipstick foes.

Being popular and all she’d have endorsements coming out the wazoo, one of her biggest endorsements being the introduction of the new Lipstick Queen Liptropolis Set of course.

Lipstick Queen Liptropolis Set is a new gift set that features a trio of Lipstick Queen Lipsticks (shades unknown at the moment) that will be launching in May at Barney’s New York.

It’s been added instantly to my wish list.

I must own it.

Pre-order it at

  • 3/22/12 13:19 Cj:

    Are they sheer like the jean queen one? Or are they like actual lipsticks


    • 3/22/12 13:21 the Muse:

      doesn’t say boo not sure if it’s a saint or sinner formula!


      • 3/22/12 13:25 Cj:

        Wow how lame is it I had to google what saint and sinner were 😛 now that I know I’m gonna pick up a couple of her saint ones! What would I do without you Muse


        • 3/22/12 15:34 the Muse:

          hehehe cj! *bows* I aim to create lemmings for you dearest!


  • 3/22/12 13:51 Missy:

    I’ve never noticed it before in this clip, but that looks like a Clinique Almost Lipstick 😀

    Wow.. in high school, I was wearing Kissing Coolers 😉


  • 3/22/12 21:26 lara / the glossarie.:

    pretty, pretty! much softer and girlier than her other trios


  • 3/23/12 11:08 Majick:

    I really like LIpstick Queen and these colors look really pretty. I think the packaging is cool too but it somehow does not look like a “spring” thing. LOL
    Too bad the make-up department at Barney’s treated me so badly last time I was there for an event. Now I just can’t stomach giving them any business at all.
    At least the “Queen” has her own site and stuff is also available elsewhere. :-)


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