Lush Chilli Tingle Lip Tint Review & Swatches

I was thinking about creating a Beauty Archive series of sorts where I can review, swatch, and babble your ears off about long since gone beauty products, limited edition palettes, etc…etc…

But it seems like such a torture to feature products you can no longer get. Ya know?

Do you think you’d like a series like this? Do let me know….

I have to admit this review is long over do and the product isn’t currently available, don’t shoot me. But I’m feeling the love for all things orange and just had to haul it out. If you’re really desperate Evil-Bay may have an auction or two or you can hope and wish that Lush brings it back next year.

I’m talking about Lush Chilli Tingle Lip Tint.

A most awesome lip tint…blush!

Yup, I said blush. Most of Lush’s Lip Tints are terribly hard and not very moisturizing to my lips so almost every single one I’ve ever purchased has become a most excellent cream blush and Lush Chilli Tingle is no different, it is, thee perfect shade of orange-y peachy goodness on cheeks!

Lush concocted with this one with dried chillies which actual sting a little on my lips so I was a little worried about attacking my face with it. Ya never know! But no issues, however, if you’re sensitive be aware their are chillies in this so either lips or face you might want to be careful during use. I knew when I purchased it that I’d hate the formula, Lush just doesn’t excel at creating a decent lip balm or tint in my humblest but as far as a cream blusher? Perfection!

The orange is very loud on lips but on my cheeks it is a gorgeous peachy coral. The best part is the color lasts all day which is unheard for me and cream blush!

Lush was right on trend when they introduced this during Holiday 2011, someone told them that orange was going to be hot this year.

Loves it!

I’m so sorry to create lemmings for something long gone but cross your fingers it returns next year and for the folks that already own it, grab it up and out from where you’re hiding it and smear it on your cheeks, you’ll thank me!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 3/27/12 19:25 Laura:

    How very Cha Cha Tint!


  • 3/27/12 21:05 Andrea:

    nice color indeed chilies can be harsh on sensitive skin I guess


  • 3/28/12 4:09 Eli:

    I love the the Snow Fairy lip tint, it’s buttery soft, and so smoothing :)


  • 3/28/12 8:20 Majick:

    Maybe Lush will hear your plea. This looks great!


  • 3/28/12 9:52 Ruth:

    I would love a retro series of stuff that I can’t have! I would love to be able to peek into the Muse’s vault and see what kind of goodies that you have stashed away.


    • 3/28/12 10:00 the Muse:

      yay I love you for that ;-D I really want to do a series like that rather badly ;D!


  • 3/28/12 12:11 Michelle:

    YES! I think that’s an awesome idea! Your B Never posts are a perfect example of that concept. Besides, a lot of these oldies but goodies can be found on eBay anyway….often cheap as chips as you like to say! :)


    • 3/28/12 13:03 the Muse:

      aw thanks michelle, I’m so glad you feel that way, really want to do some beauty archive look ins ;-D I have so many palettes I’d love to take pics of and swatch for Musings!


  • 3/28/12 12:55 Polly:

    I would definitely love to see reviews of products you have, even if they aren’t still available! I bet you have some amazing make up/lush goodies hiding in your stash!^_^


    • 3/28/12 13:02 the Muse:

      hehe I do I do I do polly ;-D!


  • 3/28/12 22:33 Suzie:

    This is an amazing idea! I have this and I don’t love it on my lips, but I’m totally going to try this. Thanks for the inspiration Muse!


    • 3/29/12 9:42 the Muse:

      my pleasure suzie ;-D be careful if you have sensitive skin!


  • 3/29/12 9:50 JCz:

    Muse, there’s another blogger (I honestly don’t remember who!) who does a “you can’t have” post periodically. As in, “Blushes you can’t have” or “eyeshadows you can’t have”. It’s interesting but incredibly frustrating. I’d love to see you do a discon list and swatches, but only if you suggest some dupes so we’re not all left longing for something we can’t have…;)


    • 3/29/12 10:06 the Muse:

      hey jc I think you mean Pink Sith, omg she creates so many lemmings ;-D I’m not so fab at dupe lists sadly, so I might just skip the beauty archives idea as I def understand how frustrating it is NOT to be able to find a certain product grr ;D!


      • 3/29/12 11:36 Majick:

        PHEW – I think trying to find dupes would be a job in itself! But one that is greatly needed. Maybe we could have a post once a month or every so often that would give the retired product a review/swatch thing and then let all of us try to suggest or find a dupe?
        I don’t know it could turn out to be a very fun and informative game. Just a suggestion..:-)


        • 4/2/12 16:49 the Muse:

          agreed, that’s why I don’t do it haha I’d be here all day. maybe? I’ll see what pans out Majick ;-D If I did blogging full time def would try to do dupes regularly but sadly I don’t have enough time in the day to get them down ;-D suggesting a dupe would def be great but sometimes people don’t always take time out to comment :-/


          • 4/2/12 17:20 Majick:

            That is true. We would definitely need a FOCUS group. Oh no – could this be my new job after I retire? Creating a focus group of all the make-up mavens to play “find the dup” game. :-)

  • 6/27/12 17:11 Steffi:

    Oh dear sweet baby Walter Elias Disney, that is a marvelous color on you. Have they or have you heard that they’re bringing it back??


    • 6/28/12 9:47 the Muse:

      aw you’re too kinda steffi thank you! <3! not sure, it was an xmas dealio so could come back at some point!


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