Lush The Guv’ner

Mmm not this Governor.

But this one…from Lush!

Take a look.

Lush The Guv’ner is the newest powder deodorant from Lush. It’s a mix of sage, lavender, and patchouli (OMG noooo! I hate stinky hippie patchouli) combined in an absorbent charcoal and lycopodium base. The Guv’ner is actually created for men but I suppose if you don’t mind the patchouli you can get on board.

As for me, I’ll step back. I don’t love patchoili and Lush Powder Deoderants are something I’ve never been willing to try.

Whatcha think?

Don’t forget Lush Easter has launched here in the US, check it out at

  • 3/26/12 12:12 dina:

    hi hi! did you see my email, this just reminded me of it. lush coming to WP? =) hooray!!
    hope you’re having a great day


  • 3/26/12 20:27 Mariel:

    Got a sample of this and it is ah-mazing! Not too hippy smelling after you apply it, just clean. Def buying this. Works really well when applied with a kabuki brush.


  • 3/26/12 20:39 Melissa:

    Yuck no thanks! If I ever smell that scent again I think my nose may start hemorrhaging for a week! I got a sample of karma soap once and I gave it a shot and I almost suffocated to death in the shower. Never again!


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