MAC Future Prime Collection

Again, I know we discussed the MAC Future Prime Collection already but here are better images, details, and pricing.

Take a peek!

For Spring, we are introducing two all-over face Primers. Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion saturates skin with a concentrated boost of hydration, making it a unique hybrid between skincare and priming. Further upping the ante, the product that quickly became a backstage necessity – Prep + Prime Skin Smoother. A velvety, skin-perfecting Primer that instantly fills in fine lines and wrinkles,
while softening the skin. Comes in a convenient compact for all your on-the-go moments.

MAC Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion $40

MAC Prep + Primer Skin Smoother $30

Available April 5th, 2012 from and at your favorite counter.

  • 3/19/12 11:09 Cj:

    HURRY UP AND RELEASE THE SKIN SMOOTHER MAC! I can’t wait another day I neeeeed it! April 5th can’t come fast enough :(


    • 3/19/12 11:14 the Muse:

      AGREED ;D


  • 3/19/12 11:53 Devon:

    That skin smoother looks nice. I don’t have wrinkles but I get a few spots, so this would be nice to kinda hide them 😀

    Devon x


  • 3/19/12 12:13 kimkats:

    I’m gonna be really interested to try out both of these. the “regular” prep + prime rocks my world, and I’m wondering how the moisture infusion one will compare to it…

    the compact stuff kinda confuzzles me – do you use it after makeup or is it a heavy duty pre makeup primer? If you use it afterward, wouldn’t it get gunky from the application really fast?

    *Iz confuzzled* but interested! 😀


    • 3/19/12 12:15 the Muse:

      it kinda works like mally’s face defender kim, did you see my review of that? or ever use it before? same concept ;D!


      • 3/19/12 16:57 kimkats:

        Never heard of it – *huzzles off to read the review*

        Thanks Muse!


        • 3/20/12 9:08 the Muse:

          my pleasure, do read the review, it explains face defender well, and mac’s version is going to be similar.


  • 3/19/12 20:11 Daniela:

    $40 bucks? Really? The concept is really cool but it better make me look like a 14yr old supermodel before I spend 40 dollars on primer..yikes


  • 3/20/12 6:47 Nunuiviet:

    Will it suitable for oily skin? I’m using the prep and prime spf50 and it works great! My makeup last all day plus it protects my skin from uv!


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