Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Instant Skin Smoother BB Mousse Review & Swatches

The Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Collection is kinda old news in Japan. Its never been released in the US but it did make it’s way across much of Asia upon release.

It happens to be one of those products that throws around “BB” in the title to garner attention but really that’s not a reference to the formula being a BB Cream. I notice the words BB Cream and BB seem to float around a lot when it comes to foundation and base products.

Japan typically releases new products prior to us with different names. For example, our new Bouncy Dream Blushes are called Jello Glow in Japan. I’m mentioning this because I was curious if we might see this BB Mousse pop up here in the US at some point. We sorta have in the form of Maybelline’s new foaming foundation but…packaging is different as well as formula slightly.

I find Maybelline products exceed quality in terms of pigmentation and formula in Japan versus much of the catalog products we have here in the US market so I expected Pure BB Mineral BB Mousse to be something I rejoiced in but sadly it didn’t quite happen that way.

Personally I like this formula a lot. I think the Maybelline’s Airfoam Foundation is a fail. It’s just messy, the colors are completely wrong, and I find it has a shiny, greasy finish. This is a vast improvement on the product.

The foam is denser here, coverage is buildable going from sheer to medium to full with a little powder in place, and the finish is a semi-matte dry down that doesn’t feel or look shiny.

For me, the main issue is the shade selection which is incredibly pale. Sadly, there is also an issue with oxidizing too quickly that really sucks the joy out of the product.

I love the light, airy texture of the formula plus it contains an SPF 30 as well as hyaluronic acid which hydrates skin and seals moisture in. The packaging also works fabulously at pumping out just the right amount of product without over doing things.

Just about everything is perfect with Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Instant Skin Smoother BB Mousse but sadly it oxidizes fairly quickly on my skin and fades within the first two hours of application. Plus add to the fact that the shades run very, very fair and you have a bust.

I wanted to love this but it’s just not for me.

If you’re fairer of tone you might to give it a shot as the formula, packaging, and overall product runs circles around the Airfoam Foundation that launched this Spring. This is a great alternative that will please you if you felt disappointed or let down by Airfoam.

Sasa typically carries it but I don’t think it’s available in Japan anymore, don’t quote me, so it might prove tricky to locate, do check on E-bay as well.

Tried it?

Do share!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 3/21/12 21:21 dom:

    We still have this in Malaysia and Singapore, and I hear that this is quite popular. I’m not a big fan of the non-Korean/Japanese BB creams, and the bottle is quite small, so I reckon it would finish faster. You’re right that it oxidizes fairly quickly, and I experienced a bit of pilling with this as well unfortunately :(. The cream version is much better.


  • 3/22/12 1:03 plue:

    hm it’s still pretty much available everywhere here in Malaysia, but I’m sorry to hear you don’t like it as much. A friend of mine also noted how quickly this oxidize too! But then after it oxidizes it matches her skintone better :)


  • 3/22/12 1:19 Amy:

    I feel like a lot of the newer Maybelline foundations tend to have bad colors/oxidize a lot :/


  • 3/22/12 5:27 sherlock:

    i think it should still be available? I believe it’s not a LE item


  • 3/22/12 10:10 Cj:

    Did somebody say very very fair? 😛 I was so ready to order this until I saw it only lasted 2 hours lol.


  • 3/22/12 10:56 Stellar:

    Speaking of BB creams, Muse did you know Marcelle has a BB cream out? I wonder if you are curious enough if you wanna try it out ^^


    • 3/22/12 11:03 the Muse:

      hey stellar. yeah, I heard :) I actually called my aunt up and asked if she could pick me one up, I was oddly curious to give it a go. have you tried it?


      • 3/22/12 17:21 hd:

        I like Marcelle’s BB cream ! No sunscreen for now, but it will come :)


      • 3/22/12 21:41 Stellar:

        Yep! Though It’s my first BB cream so I am no expert like you but it’s really nice and I like the packaging. Sadly no SPF though.


      • 3/29/12 23:12 Stellar:

        Yep! Though it’s my first BB cream so I am no expert like you Muse 😛

        Sadly no SPF T_T


        • 4/2/12 16:28 the Muse:

          aw hardly an expert stellar but thanks feels special hearing it 😀


  • 3/25/12 21:39 aquahartz:

    this is the one that i talked about in ur post re: foam foundation the other day.
    exactly like what u say here, it does oxidizes very quickly, and the colour is grayish somehow on me.
    feels like a waste buying it.. but somehow mebbie i can just use it to go get some petrol for my car or those short trips to the market. bleh.


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