Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows Spring 2012 New Shades Primary & Complementary

Milani has added two new shades their Runway Eyes Fashion Shadow Palettes, Primary and Complementary are added to the general catalog this Spring and will be available shortly.

Have a peek!



Are you a fan of these palettes?

I’m loving the colors in Primary, the run, yellow, and orange delight me but how odd to include the cooler purple, teal, and blue with those shades right?

Review and swatches on the way!

These new shades are available at select Meijer stores now and will be available at select CVS stores at the end of March/beginning of April.

  • 3/14/12 17:54 Michelle:

    I’ve been lemming the neutral versions of these palettes for ages, but have been hearing horror stories that the bars break super-easily and that the whole palette is impractical to use due to the way it’s designed. Looking forward to your review!


  • 3/14/12 20:56 Amy:

    It looks beautiful *o*


  • 3/15/12 4:35 Shasta:

    Love the primary palette! Will definitely be getting that one. I got my first one during their cyber Monday sale.


  • 3/17/12 0:23 Stefi:

    After your Chanel Tigerlily review/swatches, I’ve got my heart set on an orange shadow, but can’t justify spending $28 on one. Looking forward to your review of the Primary palette!


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