Milani The Multitasker Face Powder Review & Swatches

I don’t wear a ton of powder foundations or setting powders but when I do I want something lightweight, easy on my dry skin, and inexpensive. Long gone are the days of buying expensive powders because I simply cannot justify indulging in a higher end powder when I know I won’t be using it. I have dry skin and powders aren’t exactly the most friendliness products in the world for such a skin type.

Why pay more when I can pay less?

Milani Multitasker Face Powder is the perfect treat for dry skin and it won’t break the bank!

This is $7 bucks and you can’t get a nicer powder at the drugstore in my humblest. I’m not keen on the gold packaging that Milani favors as I find it a little uneventful and me, being the packaging h0r I am, I would love something a little more prettier. But it is practical and somewhat techie in the fact it has the powder on top and a very generous mirror and well that houses the puff for application on the bottom.

Out side of the packaging there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t indulge particularly if you’re like me and rarely use powder as this delivers inexpensive quality face powder to your regime.

The powder is silky, blends easily, and sits very comfortably atop my drier skin. Another words, it doesn’t accentuate patchy dry areas. The lightweight formula doesn’t feel like a mask, doesn’t make me itch, and has a long wear that doesn’t fade away within an hour or two of application!

You can set with it, use it to finish up your foundation or bb cream, or you can use it as a lightweight foundation. The powder isn’t terribly pigmented and for the most part transparent but it has some color to it, enough that will perfect your face and even out skin tone for lighter coverage should you choose to wear it as such.

(Swatched above: Medium)

Honestly, it’s just as great as any other powder I’ve purchased from say MAC or even Dior for that matter. Silky, smooth, blends a snap, and works to create a perfectly flawless canvas on my face, all this for under $7 bucks.

Me likey!

Do try it, I think you’ll be surprised.

Available at Walgreens, CVS, or online at

Muse Approved for purchase.


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  • 3/26/12 18:55 Lemony Licks:

    Is this the same as the one listed on Wal-mart with the detailing on the powder?

    I am running out of my Pop Beauty No Show No Shine powder (love it! Very long lasting) so I got this at Wal-mart for 6 bucks. I’ve only used it a couple of times but it seems to be doing its job!


    • 3/27/12 10:08 the Muse:

      same one lemony :)


  • 3/26/12 19:03 HapaGirl84:

    Hey Muse! Thanks for the review, hun. I’m definitely on a budget nowadays so I love all the budget beauty reviews you’ve been sending our way. Quick question for ya: how do you think this powder compares to the Physicians Formula Youthful Wear powder? I picked that one up after your glowing review, but I got the translucent shade, and I’m wondering if this Milani powder would be good to add to the stash because it’s lightly pigmented, rather than translucent. What say you, O wise one? :)


    • 3/27/12 10:08 the Muse:

      mmm hapa I’d buy it. I love the PF version but this has a little more pigmentation to it and has a silkier feel believe it or not ;-D so if you want something that evens out skin tone, offers lighter coverage, and mattifies this works a treat ;-D wait for a BOGO maybe?! did you like the PF by the way? That stuff is rather awesome ;D!


      • 3/27/12 11:47 HapaGirl84:

        Thanks so much for the rec! I will pick it up sometime when it’s on sale :) I looooove the PF one and actually grabbed the foundation too after trying out the powder and really liking it. The foundation is nice, but since you hate silicone I think you might not like it. It’s got a powdery, moussey feel to it, reminds me of Philosophy’s Supernatural primer/tinted base.


  • 3/26/12 20:10 Kathy:

    I have dry skin also. What foundation would you rec. thanks.


    • 3/27/12 10:06 the Muse:

      creams are best for drier skin kathy.


  • 3/26/12 20:55 Allison:

    It’s like you read my mind! I saw this in CVS the other day and was going to buy it, but decided to wait until your review! I’m definitely going to pick this up!


    • 3/27/12 10:03 the Muse:

      hehe Allison ;D i’m with you in all places of beauty and cosmetics ;-D!


  • 3/26/12 23:22 Andrea:

    nice one now finding the right color is the trick


  • 3/27/12 0:49 Mallory:

    I love this stuff! I bought this powder a few weeks ago and have been dusting it over my foundation for slightly more coverage. I like the natural, not-quite-matte finish it gives. I agree on packaging, though. The gold looks tacky to me. For the price tag though, I can’t complain!


  • 3/27/12 4:12 Em:

    Thanks for reviewing this, I think I’ll pick one up very soon. May I ask what shade you’d recommend for NC25-30?


    • 3/27/12 9:13 the Muse:

      my pleasure, not really sure hun, I’m not super in the know with the mac foundation line…!


  • 3/27/12 5:08 Dao:

    Wow, that’s good to hear! Drugstore brands are stepping up with their games lately.


  • 3/27/12 5:20 cat:

    I’m not sure if this is that much of a multitasker. What is the shade range like?


    • 3/27/12 9:12 the Muse:

      there are eight shades cat


  • 3/27/12 17:56 Julia:

    This looks a lot like the neutrogena powder foundations, have you tried those?


    • 3/28/12 10:13 the Muse:

      I haven’t sorry Julia !


  • 3/27/12 18:06 Nydia:

    I need to try this! My once oily skin has been really dry (cuz of retinols)…this might do the trick..


  • 4/26/12 22:11 Christine:

    Hi! Do face powders like these adequately cover over BBcreams so that the white cast’s gone from photos? I was thinking of getting Milani or PF’s compact.


  • 8/4/12 3:01 nessa:

    omg this review was very helpful i just got this milani face powder and i totally agree with you its just so smooth and silky i’ve used the milani face powder before but im not sure if its the same one and the multitasker cuz it looks very different or maybe is the packaging anyway this makeup is great and i would really recomend it :)


    • 8/6/12 13:07 the Muse:

      aw happy to hear how much you like it nessa ;-D!


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