Nip + Fab Multi-Fix Oil Review

Nip + Fab continues to make my beauty life brilliant with their snappy little offerings and quick fixes.

Nip + Fab Multi-Fix Oil is an essential one for the dry skin chicas out there.

Take a peek!

I love oils like this as they can be used for literally 100’s of issues. Argan oil is fab but it can get costly on the higher end, this is a mere 11 bucks.


You can use it on your face or all over your body. Dry elbows, knees, legs or even patchy cheeks and flaky areas on your face. On dead hair ends, on brows to keep them in place, under eyes for much needed moisture, etc…etc…the list is huge. You can multitask with this easily.

The oil has a fresh, herbally scent and has a thinner formula that absorbs easily without leaving skin looking or feeling too greasy but of course it is best suited for night time use rather than daily.

Nip + Fab totes it as a cure all to speed up the healing of stretch marks, pimple marks, scars, etc…plus they claim it reduces the appearances of eye bags, gee I hope that’s true!

It contains bio-lipids which targets scars and stretch marks while borage oil moisturises and nourishes skin.

I’ve been using it on my face prior to my moisturizer in the evening for a much needed dose of hydration.

It’s a fab little multitasking oil that you might want to pop into your cart your next trip to Target.

The Nip + Fab Collection is a selection of inexpensive products from the founder of the more expensive Rodial Skincare Collection and is now sold exclusively at Target here in the US or grab it at

Have you tried any of the Nip + Fab Collection?

Do share!


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 3/16/12 1:35 Taryn:

    Hey! I was just up at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada the other day and found this line. I got the oil control product, but I haven’t tested it out properly yet. Good to know it’s here at Target too!


    • 3/16/12 12:09 the Muse:

      hey taryn ;-D let me know how it is, I have it too but going to test out for summer as my skin is dry as hell now!


  • 3/18/12 13:24 Gala:

    Dear muse, Nip+Fab also available on our beloved ASOS!


    • 3/19/12 15:12 the Muse:

      aw thanks thanks gala good news for uk’ers ;D!


  • 3/29/12 15:26 Joy:

    It definitely helps stretch marks fade faster. I’ve been using it for about a week and I’ve already seen an improvement. Plus, it has a pleasant scent and absorbs super quickly. I’m going to try it on my under eyes next.

    Thanks for the awesome review!


    • 4/2/12 16:33 the Muse:

      thats fab to hear joy ;-D aw my pleasure! thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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