Rimmel Glam Eyes Traffic Stopping Shadow

Chances are we won’t see Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow Palettes until Summer but I want them NOW! These launched in the UK recently and I must say Rimmel has been continuously stepping up their game lately with their shadow releases.

Take a look!

You can’t tell from these images but these are actually a trio of baked eyeshadow. This formula is a first for Rimmel and promises a great color payoff that remains creasefree with a formula that can be used wet or dry.


  • No Parking
  • Speeding
  • Over the Limit
  • Sharpe Turn

Can’t wait for ’em?

Haul them now from ASOS.com (although I don’t suggest it as they are near $12 where as I am betting they will be under five bucks once they hit the states).

You can check out more by visiting www.rimmellondon.com

  • 3/6/12 10:48 Jes:

    Wow. No Parking is an awesome color palette! I went to ASOS. They have them discounted to $8.93 USD, with free (no minimum) shipping. That is worth buying, like, now. Done.


  • 3/6/12 11:33 Ruth:

    those purples are stunning! when they hit this side of the ocean, they will need to be hauled along with sharp turn. if they are anywhere close to being as awesome as the product in the Union Jack series, we’re in for some fantastic product! wahoo!


  • 3/6/12 13:39 molly:

    These little buggers look pretty cute! can’t wait to try! :)


  • 3/8/12 0:16 Ruthless:

    I’ve been pretty impressed with the new stuff Rimmel is coming out with. I skipped on the Union jack palettes simply because the strips looked too small to be very easy to use but I will pick these up when they hit stores.


  • 5/15/12 11:47 JennieLovesJLS:

    I Really don’t reccomend these! I Live in the UK and i got them as soon as they were released, i Purchased over the limit, and that does not have very good payoff, the shade in that pallette all have golden shimmer shot through them and the white only shows up as golden shimmer which i now use as a highlighter, but the golden shade and the dark brown are very dissapointing! the payof is minimal (i’m VERY being polite) and even with the UDPP underneath it only stayed on for 1 hour usually shadow last all day but not these! i suggest you pass on these or at least try and find a tester, in my local superdrug they had no testers if they did they shadows would have stayed in the shop but certain shops should have testers;)


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