Sleek Makeup Lash Out Mascara Review

Sleek Makeup Lash Out is newly launched mascara from the brand.

Lash Out promises an intense black formula which volumizes and lengthens.

I actually never noticed before but Sleek Makeup carries mascara? I thought Lash Out was the their first mascara. Eh! Learn something new everyday.

Let’s take a peek at this one!

As per its marketing Lash Out promises a richly pigmented formula which it sadly lacks. I haven’t quite found a mascara that has a blacker than black formula…I want a mascara from Urban Decay called Perverse that’s as pigmented and black as the Perversion 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil.

That would be wicked.

Lash Out kinda failed in this less you have super pale lashes and take note. My own are a dark brown so I didn’t notice much in the ways of blacker than black lashes.

On the up side, the formula does fairly well in the length department. The applicator is a straight edge so it does a fairly good job of pulling lashes up and out and creeps into corners to to snatch up the bottom lashes as well as ones hiding out in the corner of your eyes. I had no issues with clumping and the formula feels nice and lightweight, no stiff lashes here.

It lacks a bit in the volume area though. Lengthening lashes is fine but giving them a fuller appearance it does not however it also doesn’t do spidery lashes either which is a plus so you get the length without the daddy long leg appearance.

It does fail to bring curl to the table since it is a straight applicator you’re applying with but curling prior helps things along and the mascara itself will hold curl well since it is a lightweight formula.

Overall, if you have shorter lashes, Lash Out works a treat at giving very good length to lashes. I wished and hoped for a little more volume but I’m not complaining as my lashes looked super long after use, I can dig that. Plus I never really found a mascara that performs both feats well, ya know?

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  • 3/15/12 9:21 Ruth:

    everytime you have a close up of your eyeball, it cracks me up! do you remember a show called “Romper Room?” They used to look in their magic mirror and “see” their viewers. Well, they never “saw” me through their mirror but it looks like you “see” me via the computer and it makes me laugh every time!


  • 4/16/12 12:48 Nicole:

    Bah, I just got this a few days ago from my mom who’s currently visiting from London… I wasn’t too impressed, but then again I’ve only used it once so I should probably give it another chance?

    It didn’t do much for the volume department on me either. Was kind of bummed about this. The wand though is very interesting, never seen anything like it. I think this will be better for my bottom lashes.


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