Smashbox Shades Of Fame Eye Palette for Summer 2012

The new Smashbox Limitless 15 Hr Wear Cream Shadow I told you about late last year have officially launched at as part of the Smashbox Summer 2012 Collection.

And most exciting…

The new Smashbox Shades Of Fame Eye Palette for Summer 2012.

Take a look.

Done in the style of the Soft Box Palette this has a selection of warmer shades.

The Smashbox Shades Of Fame Eye Palette from Smashbox includes:

  • 9 Eye Shadows in: Bliss, Honey, Sandstone, Nude, Sherbert, Safari, Pacific, Praline, Mocha
  • 2 Cream Liners in: Gold and Bronze
  • Smashbox Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer
  • Double-Ended Eye Shadow Brush/Applicator

I really liked the Softbox so I’m quite curious about the Shades of Fame Palette although I will say that the liners tend to try out in this style packaging which is a bit irritating.

This is $48 and available now at

  • 3/19/12 10:38 kimkats:

    I was gonna say – how are the liners not going to dry up instantly this way?? That’s *really* dumb on SB’s part. Having said that, I’m really interested in this thing too – I like SB even tho they don’t get a lot of love from a lot of people….

    It’s Purty! 😀 Hope you had a good weekend, Muse!


    • 3/19/12 10:40 the Muse:

      hey kim! sadly, the liners dried up on my soft box grrrr not cool. So yup, I imagine they will on this palette too :-/ I agree, it’s an underrated brand, they do some nice LE goodies.

      It was amazing thanks how was yours?


      • 3/19/12 11:06 kimkats:

        Wonderful – I worked outside in my gardens all weekend. That doesn’t thrill a lot of people but it’s my sanity saver – and I’m glad to be able to be back at it – weather was glorious!! :)


        • 3/19/12 11:43 the Muse:

          weather has been amazing here as well kim! I actually just started my spring flowers in my back garden and did my hanging baskets, I’ll be working on the front garden this week ;-D I just hope we don’t suddenly get a cold front!


  • 3/19/12 10:41 Missy:

    Those colors are so pretty, but I have a really hard time paying for Smashbox for some reason! It just seems like the stuff I’ve gotten hasn’t been worth the money….and 48$, wow! I could buy so many other goodies for that..

    PS – my browser has kept me off the Musings site for almost two weeks! I was going through such withdrawal!! But yay it’s working again 😀


    • 3/19/12 10:42 the Muse:

      really missy what happened!?


      • 3/19/12 10:46 Missy:

        I have no idea! I was trying to refresh and it was stuck on a post from like March 6th and never would update. I even tried it on my other PC and laptop too.

        Iz desperate for Musings xD


        • 3/19/12 10:55 the Muse:

          ahhh I noticed this was an issue for some people, sorry, if it happens again, try emptying cache. I’m very sorry :(


          • 3/19/12 11:14 Missy:

            No worries :) I’ll try that if it happens again.

          • 3/19/12 15:10 the Muse:

            I hope it helps chica!

  • 3/19/12 13:06 JoElla:

    ooh pretty! But I wonder if I have many of the shades in my big ole mondo Mega Photo Op Palette (hopes, hopes I do)

    Thankfully I haven’t had a problem with my liners drying out *fingers crossed*

    I am interested in the new cream shadows, I have really grown to love cream shadows lately.


  • 3/20/12 23:30 ididmyface:

    I’ve gotta have this palette!! So excited!! Are you going to get it to review?


    • 3/21/12 9:49 the Muse:

      I think so christy ;-D it looks lovely a little iffy about the liners but it’s quite nice!


  • 3/24/12 22:51 Nicole:

    I hope you get it to review! I really would like to see some swatches. I am interested to see how the orangey coral shade, Sherbet, compares to the coral shade from Too Faced’s Summer Eye palette.


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