Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer for Summer 2012

Why does All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer sound so terribly familiar to me? Yes, its been done before I think!

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer is part of the upcoming Stila Summer 2012 Collection. It’s vaguely familiar to me, I’m having a senior moment this morning, but I recall it being named Stila Star Shimmer or something along those lines.

Looks it’s been reformulated and now is available in a few newer shades. It’s an all over highlighter with soft focus pigments to give skin a luminous glow.

I’m so bad using products like this, it’s like Night Fever, Night Fever on my face.

If you’re game, the shades are:

  • Bronze Shimmer
  • Kitten Shimmer
  • Pink Shimmer
  • Rose Gold Shimmer

Looks like Rose Gold Shimmer is something I’d love but I’ll be good and not go there.

What do you think?

Do you love on liquid highlighters?

Leave ’em?

P.S. Stila has a new Custom Color Bronzer on the way in the vein of their blush of the same name!

  • 3/30/12 10:40 Sara:

    these were one of stila’s best shimmer luminizers! They reminded me a bit of the Becca shimmering skin perfections, which always get a lot of love. I love them for just a touch of shimmery perfection. The previous version was pretty subtle, not glittery at all.


  • 3/30/12 11:42 stef:

    I totally still have and use my original bottle of Stila’s all over shimmer from years ago! I believe they had three colors. I love it


  • 3/30/12 14:14 breyerchic04:

    I have too many liquid highlighers, but I might consider rose gold or bronze!


  • 3/30/12 15:37 Sara Elisabeth:

    I have the old Stila liquid highlighter. It’s not bad, but my problem with all liquid highlighters is the same: the packaging. This kind of liquid highlighter (like Benefit’s Highbeam) is easily spilled–which I have done. The other kind, like Josie Maran’s and Makeup Forever’s, dispense too much product. Powder highlighters seem to fade faster. I like cream highlighters, though. I have been meaning to try Watts Up by Benefit.


  • 4/16/12 22:58 Jovanna C:

    Ohhhh, I love these! I’d totally get rose gold and bronze to mix with my tinted moisturizer, way better staying power than the powders in the summer. I’m more worried about the price point.


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