Stila Not So Nude Palette

Maybe the Stila Not So Nude Palette is the next generation of Travel Girl Palettes for Summer 2012.

What say you?


Yup, it’s a bit expensive if you compare it to the recent Travel Girl $10 buck palettes but let’s face it those palettes have evolved from $10 to $12 dollars so it isn’t a surprise that this year they are marked up to $20 bucks.

My hope?

They are better quality than the originals.

Fact? The Stila Not So Nude Palette looks mighty lovely to me!


  • Sugar
  • Fawn
  • Barefoot
  • Buff
  • Mink
  • Dolce

  • Stila Convertible Color in Lily
  • Stila All Over Shimmer in Kitten

Brilliant line up, Kitten All Over Shimmer, fail.

But I still want it.


Do share!

Available now at

  • 3/27/12 11:47 kiwikiwidragon:

    Wonder if these are made in China…..


  • 3/27/12 12:37 kimkats:

    Hmmmm… this one is going to be worth checking out… I agree with you tho – kitten. AGAIN with the kitten! Enough kitten for cryin’ out loud!


  • 3/27/12 13:37 Sara:

    I would love to see Lily in a full size convertible color!


  • 3/27/12 15:51 Carrie:

    Aack Kitten overload! Aside from that, looks like a nice palette =D


  • 3/27/12 21:30 Michelle S.:

    I do need this :)


  • 3/27/12 21:54 Kathleen:

    I say nice! :) Sugar, Fawn, and Buff look nice!


  • 3/27/12 22:51 breyerchic04:

    I wish they’d do a more subtle shimmer, otherwise, yeah I want this, and for $20, 6 shadows and a convertible that I can keep in my purse is awesome!


  • 3/28/12 0:22 dina:

    def want to check out! :) and who in the hell do they think needs a kitten refill???


  • 3/30/12 8:55 Fancyprance:

    Muse, I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but….this is awful. As much as I love Stila shadows, somehow the quality and pigmentation doesn’t translate into this palette. The colors are absolutely beautiful, but I really had to work to get any kind of color payoff at all. Maybe it’s just me, but definitely no likey. :(


    • 3/30/12 9:01 the Muse:

      awwwwwwww damn! I thought it would be bad but was kinda hoping fancy! mine hasn’t arrived yet, I ordered from Ulta on Tuesday (or wed?) darn oh well!


  • 3/31/12 22:14 Kathleen:

    I got the chance to check this out, but this Ulta only got two in the shipment. Colors look lovely; I love lily! I do plan to buy this! :)


  • 4/6/12 17:55 Ashley:

    Hahahaha I know you hate the Kitten all over shimmer! It just…doesn’t work like that, Stila!
    The rest is pretty. :)


  • 5/29/12 20:03 Trish:

    Huge rave! All of the eyeshadows in mine are super pigmented and blend like a dream! I bought it only for the “Buff” eyeshadow and ended up loving every single thing in this palette! Especially the lip and cheek stain. It is utterly gorgeous on the cheeks! And “Barefoot” and “Fawn together make for a stunning eye look.


  • 11/19/12 19:21 MakeupAddict:

    Yes! They have kitten on here. Some people are saying it’s a kitten overload but it’s Stila’s most famous eye shadow. Can’t complain!


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