Suzuran Lily Bell Patting Cotton Puffs Review: Because the Japanese Do Cotton Right!

I love me some facial cotton from Shiseido but I love Lily Bell Patting Cotton Puffs even more.

Hey, you might think that all cotton is unlike but it isn’t, trust me.

The best kind comes from Japan.

For serious!

Suzuran Lily Bell Patting Cotton Puffs are a three layer design that are meant to be used with skincare products particularly essence and toner.

The top layer (white) is best for toner application as it saturates well with product. The bottom layer (pink) is wonderfully soft for removing eye makeup.

I honestly use them for everything from toner to eye makeup remover and even essence application. They are so amazing soft yet very durable.

You NEED these.

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

I get them at a small Asian shop in Queens but they are available all over the Internet for around $5-$6 for a box of 70. I believe carries a huge line of Lily Bell products including other cotton products, all of them are quite good, so it’s worth a look at!

Loves ’em!

What are your favorite types of cotton for removing eye makeup?

Facial cotton?

Do share!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 3/13/12 21:07 Libby:

    Oh! I just started using this brand new toner and I’ve been paranoid that my cotton pad soaks up too much of the liquid/is too tough!

    Mind if I ask which store in Queens you picked these up in, Muse?



  • 3/13/12 21:53 Jess:

    If you don’t mind me asking, which small shop do you go to!? I live around queens and feel like i need these!!!!


  • 3/13/12 22:38 catazure:

    It is oddly true that cotton ball/pad products vary by brand. I swear by Publix brand cotton balls (Florida-based grocer) but feel like I am using fiberglass insulation when I use Target cotton balls.
    I am glad you talk about this here – makes me realize that I am NOT too picky:)


  • 3/13/12 22:42 Lin:

    OMG! How i miss Lilybell! you can always get it buy one get one free at Watson’s (kinda like CVS in shanghai). and it’s only about 3 bucks per box. I love it love it love it! It’s the right size to apply toner or remove eye makeups. It’s soft but won’t get fuzzy when wet. you won’t waste any toner when using this. oh how i miss this little helper!!


  • 3/13/12 23:05 Rachel:

    I LOVE Suzuran cotton pads! I’m so glad someone else knows how great they are.


  • 3/14/12 1:59 FadBurger:

    I ended up getting a different brand, but thanks for the tip about the Japanese puffs :)


  • 3/14/12 2:59 yalingster:

    Since it’s from a shop in Queens, is it right of me to assume Flushing? 😛 Which store/general location is it so I can also find me some? 😀


  • 3/14/12 4:12 yuvee:

    They look interesting, a bit pricey for cotton pads though. Will definitely check them out next time I get to visit a Sasa store.
    I found these amazingly soft cotton pads in Slovenia (off all places!) and fell in love, got my Slovenian friend to bring me back some :)


  • 3/14/12 8:34 Majick:

    I get the Silky Cotton from DHC – they are great. I think they are about the same price but I haven’t ordered them in awhile. I always order a ton to get free shipping so I place an order about once or twice a year.
    Their cleansing oil is also the best. :-)


  • 3/14/12 9:02 Karyn:

    “small Asian shop in Queens”

    Which shop Muse? I’m in Queens!! 😀


  • 3/14/12 10:16 Cj:

    I use Shiseido’s facial cotton, BEST COTTON EVER! Seriously lol I can never go back to drugstore cotton pads lol. If I didn’t shave for a couple days and I had stubble, they would tear and leave pieces all over my face. Shiseido’s doesn’t 😀


  • 3/14/12 10:41 shusheshe:

    I definitely agree! Cotton pads I used to buy in Canada always falls apart when wet which was super annoying.


  • 3/14/12 13:17 eight:

    I use Shiseido’s which are $8 here in Canada, I think a couple bucks cheaper than the US? (Which is so rare. Usually we have higher markups than you guys!) I totally get the appeal of Japanese cotton now!


  • 3/14/12 16:09 Jes:

    I recently purchased the Selena 5 layer cotton pads. I soak them in a treatment and apply to my eyes, along with my sheet mask. Then I take a 20 min snooze. One of the only things that relaxes me!


  • 3/15/12 14:55 Joan:

    I’m going to check these out, but I’ve been using Swisspers for years. I’m always interested in trying new products.


  • 3/15/12 14:55 Naomi:

    What is the name of the Asian shop you go to and do you happen to know the address?


  • 4/2/12 16:12 Joan:

    After reading about these, I ordered four boxes. Just got them today. Took a while coming from Hong Kong. I know I’m going to love them.


    • 4/2/12 16:12 the Muse:

      YAY joan! happy to hear it, do give me more deets when you tried, keeping fingers crossed you love ’em!


  • 4/5/12 2:23 jamie:

    hey Muse!! how would say the price is compared to shiseido?? I’m asking cuz i never figured out how many shiseido has in a package.. lol do you happen to know? :) thanks!


  • 6/5/12 19:54 Tracey:

    Hi Muse! I know this post is old but hoping you can still answer. Can you tell me one of the places online I can pick this up? Sasa is a good website but shipping to Canada is a little ridiculous unless I spend $75 (little TOO much cotton for one Haul LOL)


    • 6/6/12 11:32 the Muse:

      hey tracey sorry chica only sasa that I know of :-/ blah! If anything else pops up I’ll update the post witha link! sorry doll!


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