the Balm Cheater Mascara Review

I’m ok with the basics when it comes to mascara. No club applicators, no tiny ones, no plastic ones, just a good, old fashion bushy brush works for me.

the Balm Cheater Mascara keeps it simple with their applicator and in turn it produces wonderfully long lashes.

It’s rare a mascara can make lashes look longer as well as fuller but the Balm Cheater Mascara does the trick. This keeps things simple. No bells, no whistles, no crazy applicator.

You’re getting a basic black mascara formula with a nice lightweight feel and a rich black formula. The applicator is a bushy standard applicator that produces fuller, longer lashes in a few strokes. Application is breezy as the formula strokes right through lashes without clumping up. It wears very well without fading or flaking and remains light enough on that my lashes don’t feel crispy and crunchy after applicator or after a few hours of wear.

Sometimes simple just works best.

the Balm Cheater Mascara delivers plenty of length and a nice full fringe of lashes.

Simply, well, perfect.

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  • 3/21/12 13:21 Cj:

    I just realized something. I’ve been using the same exact mascara I’ve used since I first started getting into makeup… Maybe it’s time to try somethig new? Lol


    • 3/21/12 13:21 the Muse:

      lol! dude! yes ;-D of course, new mascara is in order. ;-D


  • 3/21/12 13:30 JenJ:

    i’ve racked up quite a few the balm products recently. will give this a go!


  • 3/21/12 13:57 Michelle:

    The packaging is great too :)


    • 3/21/12 14:40 ididmyface:

      They do have awesome packaging!!


  • 3/21/12 14:27 Allison:

    Wow this mascara looks great! And the packaging is so cute.


  • 3/21/12 15:56 kiwikiwidragon:

    Cute packaging but I think it makes your lashes stick together and its slightly on the gray side instead of black. Did it smear or give you raccoon eyes?


    • 3/21/12 15:59 the Muse:

      think that’s the flash jenn, nope, no issues with either.


      • 3/21/12 16:03 kiwikiwidragon:

        Could be, always looking for something new to try


        • 3/21/12 16:05 the Muse:

          i liked it…but it’s always open to debate ;-D try it out, lmk whatcha think if you do!


  • 3/21/12 16:47 mimikaayu:

    I love your site! I LOVE Japanese cosmetics! especially MJ one of my fav brand . Super pretty packaging and great quality, not to mention great price too! :) Thanks for all your review! I just started my blog. Please visit my site sometime :)


  • 3/21/12 19:38 Lucy:

    I actually tried this for the first time today. Maybe I recieved an old tube, but the formula seemed really dry. I had to dig for product and it was a new tube! I’m gonna try to make it work, but so far I’m liking Maybelline’s Full and Soft Mascara a lot better.


  • 3/22/12 20:53 christmas:

    I bought a bunch of thebalm make up and skincare from Marshalls. The sets came with this mascara so I have two bottles. I use lash extensions but I’m gonna try this when I decide to take these out!


  • 3/23/12 5:08 Phyrra:

    Wow, it looks like a great mascara.


  • 3/26/12 15:23 kim:

    I use this mascara everyday and love it… if you want longer and dramatic lashes just put more!! Its perfect for any look! natural or dramatic! this mascara will do the trick!

    and mine was not dry at all! works very well!!!


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