The New Face of the Body Shop Lily Cole

Here’s an interesting piece of beauty news…

The Body Shop has announced Lily Cole as its first ever face for the brand.

British supermodel, Lily Cole, has been announced as the global face of The Body Shop. This is first time that the brand has aligned itself with a “face” for their company.

Lily will front the Beauty with Heart campaign in upcoming promotions which encourages Body Shop customers to look good, feel, good, and do good. With this launch, more exciting news follows in the fact that…

The Body Shop will also be revamping over two thousand stores. The newly revamped locations will be more involved with their local communities with volunteer opportunities posted up in shop! The company is also repackaging products, with their popular collection of Body Butters being the first to receive a new appearance.

It’s an interesting concept that they are aligning themselves with a celebrity spokesperson. It’s a rather big move for them. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

What do you think?

  • 3/26/12 9:58 kimkats:

    No likey. It drives TBS even further from their original mission/purpose – now it’s just Another Line and not even a very interesting one anymore…. Ever since Anita Roddick sold out to the suits, I’ve had very little interest in the line.

    Just my 2ยข worth…


  • 3/26/12 12:09 Jen:

    She died, she didnt sell out. I am a new employee and I can tell you completely unbiased that charity, and world issues are the main priority of TBS. I am so proud to work for such a company.


    • 3/26/12 14:08 kimkats:

      Sorry but Roddick sold TBS to L’Oreal in 2006 before she died. And it all went downhill after that.


      • 3/26/12 14:23 the Muse:

        let’s agree to disagree on this one guys ;-D kim is entitled to her opinion and you on yours Jen! :) don’t want to have an epic battle in the comments over the Body Shop’s business practices ;-D!


  • 3/26/12 14:17 Jen:

    Gotcha. Its not selling out, but if you see it that way thats your choice.
    I still do not agree with the whole downhill thing. TBS still pumps out innovative products, and promotes charity and world trade issues more than the products themselves. if you choose to have a narrow view on tbs then all I can say is sorry, cuz youre missing out. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • 4/2/12 8:04 Ruthless:

      I LOVE Body Shop body butters. While I don’t like the make up I DO like the bath and body products. And since the store is almost always having a buy 2 get 1 it’s a nice thing .


  • 3/26/12 15:07 eight:

    Mm, I still love TBS. I really don’t think corporations can ever be truly, totally committed to charity but I think TBS comes close. Plus, I’ve always had good service at the store here and I love the products and the sales!


  • 3/26/12 15:38 Teleria:

    Anita sold the business to ensure its financial future. There are heated debates concerning everything about the company and strong feelings on all sides. From a long-standing employee who has been privy to many a debate at many a level ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • 3/27/12 19:12 Becca:

    I worked at TBS for four years, and I think as far as large, multinational companies go, they’re one of the better ones. I do think they’ve lost their focus in recent years though. Compare their current campaigns against ones from 15 years ago, and the difference is clear. One thing that I think is really important to know about TBS is that some (very, very few) of them are still independently owned, franchise locations, and if you have the option of supporting one of those shops, you should do it!


  • 4/2/12 8:05 Ruthless:

    On another note, that model is freaking me RIGHT out. She looks extremely creepy in that photo


  • 6/14/13 22:29 Sophia:

    I can’t speak for why the body shop was sold but I don’t think I would have noticed if I hadn’t decided to look at the back of the bottle of toner that I use- suddenly they seem a lot less enthusiastic or clear about not using animal testing or byproducts and also the ingredients are terrible! They include phthalates and all kinds of artificial icky stuff.

    I’m disheartened that I now have to check what’s in the the things that I buy at TBS when it used to be a store I trusted to be cruelty free and also made with the best ingredients.


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