Victoria’s Secret Pink Beach Beach Babe Collection Summer 2012

Beach baby, beach baby, Give me your hand, Give me somethin’ that I can remember Just like before, We could walk by the shore In the moonlight Beach baby, beach baby, There on the sand, From July to the end of September Surfin’ is fun, We’d be out in the sun everyday!

Well Beach Babes, Victoria’s Secret Pink Beach Collection is coming at us for Summer 2012 and includes a rather monstrously sized bronzer.

Take a peek!

Victoria’s Secret Beach Babe Body Lotion

Victoria’s Secret Beach Babe Body Mist

Victoria’s Secret Beach Babe Luminous Body Bronzer

Victoria’s secret Beach Babe 2 in 1 Wash & Scrub

The products are scented with a mix of tiare flower and beach musk, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the size of the bronzer gasp! My sister is probably going to hyperventilate when she sees all of this, she’s a fan of the Pink Collection plus an utter sun goddess.

Available now at Victoria’s Secret or online at

  • 3/22/12 11:43 Rawr:

    its half the size of a water bottle :P… pretty small standard. its 250 mL and a water bottle is 500 mL


    • 3/22/12 12:51 the Muse:

      250 ml is a good deal of bronzer ;-D


      • 3/22/12 13:48 Rawr:

        oh yes for bronzer its alot :) but as a bottle i dont think it would be huge ^^;


  • 3/22/12 12:16 Comrade Garlic:

    Sweet jeebus. That’s enough bronzer to last me 4 lifetimes.


    • 3/22/12 12:28 the Muse:

      LOL buy a small village, bronze them for the next two summers comrade ;D!


  • 3/22/12 12:18 LINDARRAGNAR:

    oh I have never used victorias secret stuff before but the sounds like it should smell great!! and those generous sizes!!


  • 3/22/12 18:49 gemma:

    I recently got this bronzer in Beach Babe scent – LOVE it! It does not dry sticky or tacky like many liquid bronzers. Doesnt rub off on my clothing. It also is not full of glitter., just a pretty glowing shimmer.
    The exfoliating cleanser is great too and comes in a generous sized tube.


  • 3/23/12 0:47 Kayla K:

    I wonder what these smell like? I can’t seem to grasp “beach musk”.


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