Vincent Longo Water Canvas Base Review & Swatches

Dry skin girls, rejoice, Vincent Longo Water Canvas Base is the perfect primer for those of us in need of a more hydrating, moisturizing primer.

Take a look!

Moisturizer is an essential first step prior to makeup but sometimes it’s not enough. That’s why a good water based primer is brilliant for those of us with drier skin. Primers like this offer extra moisture, creating a smooth working surface for our makeup. As they prep our skin whisking away flaky, patchy areas and replacing them with a softer, smoother area for our foundation products they also create a barrier between our skin and our base preserving the wear and freshness of our base products and allowing them to wear longer without oxidizing.

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Base is a clear gel primer with a thick texture that glides onto skin, absorbing easily, leaving behind that smoother surface we seek for foundation to adhere to. I do find that water based primers such as this cater to drier skin which typically have smaller pores so I don’t think they do as great a job blurring or filling pores that you’d get from a silicone primer however they offer better moisturizing properties.

The market was dominated by silicone based primers for such a long time so it’s always delightful to run into a hydrating one.

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Base is most excellent study in hydrating primers that create a perfectly smooth base for your makeup.

Loves it.

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What are your fav water based primers?

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