Wen Cleansing Conditioner Spring Gardenia

In very interesting (and appealing to me) marketing technique, Wen has started releasing seasonal scents of the popular Cleansing Conditioner.

Pumpkin made an appearance for Fall and Vanilla Mint for Winter. I personally love this idea as who sticks to the same scents as the seasons change right? We change our clothes to fit the seasons and weather why not our haircare and fragrances right?

Wen Cleansing Conditioner Spring Gardenia launches for Spring with the aroma of lovely gardenia on the wind!

Wen’s rich and moisturizing cleansing conditioners eliminate the need for shampoo & its harsh effects.

The Spring Gardenia scent is available now at qvc.co/Qbeauty

  • 3/1/12 12:09 Eve:

    I’ve read quite a bit of reviews/rants of people using WEN having their hair fall out. Sounds scary!


    • 3/1/12 12:11 the Muse:

      wow. that sucks, never heard that.


  • 3/1/12 14:03 kimkats:

    Hmmm…. I’ve been humming on trying Wen for some time now… I may have to spring for this stuff in the Gardenia scent – sounds delish!!


  • 3/1/12 17:02 Liz!:

    I have the Winter Vanilla Mint and I like it, looooove the scent. I haven’t had my hair fall out, but I also don’t use it every day, I have to swap it out because my scalp gets oily so I need something to get rid of that. I love the idea of seasonal scents, I’ll have to check this out, it sounds pretty!


  • 3/1/12 17:28 diane:

    i’ve been using wen since july and my hair hasn’t fell out. if a person is allergic to an ingredient, i can see it happening.

    i love wen and love the seasonal formulation so much. can’t wait to smell this scent!!


  • 3/11/12 18:30 Lisa:

    I just ordered this along with the volumnizing treatment and lavender oil. I use Wen on and off (probably less than I should) but I’m tempted to try it. Hoping it is not overly floral (the kinda where it gets stuck in your nose and you just want to sneeze).


  • 6/24/12 0:18 Laura:

    Well, at first Wen was awesome for my hair, but after a year or using it, I did notice that my hair started to thin out. I started a new medication, so it may have been that too. Not sure what caused my hair to fall out, but it got really thin to the point of having to cut off about 5 inches being as it started to get “see through” at the ends. Hoping it wasn’t Wen being as I am wanting to get back to using it. I had to quit using it for awhile.


  • 12/21/12 15:46 Ashley:

    I have recently started using Wen on the recommendation of a family member. I began using the sweet almond mint scent, and felt that it worked just as well as advertised. I ordered a package that offered seasonal scents and thought it was a bargain. I started using the gardenia scent and I saw my hair take a turn for the worst. After scrubbing and rinsing in the shower for what seems like forever, I never feel that the gardenia gets my hair clean. By midway through the day my hair is oily and greasy, and doesn’t have any sort of volume. Only upside is that I do notice less hair loss in my brushes and in the shower. I haven’t given up on wen yet, but would not recommend the spring gardenia variety.


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