Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Liquid Foundation

Embracing the same technology as their concealer the new Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Liquid Foundation promises hardcore coverage in a lightweight formula.

Could this one be our next foundation purchase?

Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Liquid Foundation ($36) is available in five shades and promises lightweight, full coverage in a hydrating liquid formula. Combined with the power and technology behind their Amazing Concealer this allows for finish that’s unique to you. It evens out skin tones and imperfections and gives a full coverage look without the heavy feel.

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  • 4/24/12 11:35 Hillarie:

    It looks like a great product, but it bothers me that there are only five shades. I’d have to see it in person before I dished out the money. I am incredibly fair (L’Oreal True Match W1) and it is a complete pain to find a foundation that doesn’t look completely orange on my skin.


  • 4/26/12 3:44 Stephanie:

    I just ordered this from today…should be getting it delivered on Saturday. The description sounds great, I always have pimples, scars, discoloration, etc that I’m wanting to cover, so full-coverage is what I always go for. I’m always on the lookout for long wearing or transfer resistant foundation too… I like that this claims to be “waterproof”. I’m also skeptical about the fact there are only 5 shades…I am also very fair and always get the lightest shade available in whatever foundation I buy. It will be interesting to see if their lightest shade is indeed light enough. I’m hoping this foundation is as good as it sounds. I’ve never tried anything from Amazing Cosmetics before, so this will be my first experience with their products.


  • 4/29/12 22:34 Stephanie:

    I received this in the mail yesterday and do far I’d have to say I’m not super impressed with this makeup. It’s not bad by any means but I don’t love it either… I’d give it a 5 or 6 out of 10. The good news is that the lightest shade matched! I have fair skin, especially when trying to match foundation to my neck, which I always do. I felt like I used a decent sized amount too, which concerns me because it’s an expensive tube of foundation. The coverage was ok – I was hoping for full coverage but to me it seemed more medium coverage. I even put extra on spots I needed more coverage on (pimples, acne scars, etc.). The consistency to me and how my face feels when I was done putting it on was sticky. I did put powder on after but I don’t love the finish of this foundation. Even with the powder my face feels kind of sticky to me. Ultimately, I’ll be returning this… It’s not worth the price to me and there are other foundations I like a lot better.


    • 4/30/12 16:34 the Muse:

      thanks for the mini review stephanie! Saves me $$!


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