Art Deco Dita Von Teese Classics Makeup Collection

I’m still not sure if I am sold on the new Art Deco Dita Von Tease Makeup Collection….

Here’s some more images, take a look, you tell me what your thoughts are.

Dita Von Teese – style icon of today – presents her own makeup collection in cooperation with Art Deco. As a beauty ambassador, Dita Von Teese embodies the legendary glamour of “old” Hollywood. She is an unmistakable star who has given a new and contemporary interpretation to the art of burlesque. Her distinctive look is the epitome of retro beauty, and thanks to ARTDECO she is thrilled to present this look in a unique makeup collection.

I’m disappointed on many levels (most of which I discussed in my prior post) but most of all because it won’t be available within the US.

Sad sigh!

What do you think of the collection?

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  • 4/3/12 10:58 Sara elisabeth:

    I love Dita Von Teese. The packaging does look disappointing. I would expect something way more classy and elegant, like the Mad Men collection. I would have liked to see Sephora produce her line. Or even a special collection from MAC.


    • 4/3/12 11:05 the Muse:

      i agree, something vintage-y like the mad men would be very fitting!


  • 4/3/12 11:10 Leslie:

    Is it just me, or does that lipstick look nothing like the lipstick she is wearing in the picture? The one in the collection looks like it has pink undertones, while the one she is wearing is gorgeous, with deep orange or brown undertones.


  • 4/3/12 11:33 Comrade Garlic:

    I’m slightly dissapointed it isn’t more luxe looking. But the packaging does look right. Most of the cosmetic packaging during the 1930s-1940s wasn’t very luxe. If you look at the ads most of the compacts look kind of cheap, and there was a lot of movie tie ins. People just didn’t have the money to spend on those nice EL or Helena Rubinstien compacts. This really looks like something a chorus girl would have been able to buy. I think that was probably the vibe she was going for.


  • 4/3/12 12:53 Tavia:

    Thank you for mentioning me. :) These days not so many bloggers do that.


    • 4/3/12 12:55 the Muse:

      hey tavia long time no speak, how are you? so glad to see you back to blogging again! Been a while ;-D but of course, always source your info!


  • 4/3/12 13:26 Michelle:

    UGH the packaging just does not work and looks cheap even in the pictures. A lace motif like the Lorac palette style a few seasons back would have been nice, or a Mad-Men style refillable collection. Dianne Brill’s packaging would have given a few great ideas too. Not worth it for me.


  • 4/3/12 17:45 Tavia:

    Hey Muse! Indeed it’s has been 1 year and a month :) I had to quit blogging in 2011 for serious reasons (health and not only) but the important thing is that I’m back now, doing what I love. :) Thank you so much for asking. Kiss Kiss!
    PS: Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow perfume won’t be available in my country :(( I just asked today at Sephora…I’m devastated :(


    • 4/4/12 12:47 the Muse:

      wow tavia how awful I am sorry to hear it. How are you doing now!? I thought perhaps you just needed a little break. Beauty can be a burn out sometimes ;-D but I’m terribly sorry to hear it was for more serious reasons! :( Hugs!

      It hasn’t launched yet but if you’re interested (or at least I don’t think Sephora launched it yet) I can help you grab one. Just email me.


  • 4/3/12 19:00 Lilinah:

    Actually the art looks like many from before the 1950s. I agree that i would have thought of something a bit more glamorous, but it certainly has a vintage look.


  • 4/4/12 0:14 aquahartz:

    the packaging looks like some of tarantino packs. the pallette somehow looks amusing, are those eyecolours detachable ones?


    • 4/4/12 12:20 the Muse:

      yea aqua, artdeco does a slide in slide out shadow compact


  • 4/4/12 10:28 kikai:

    i love DVT, but i was sorta hoping that she would collab w/ MAC, since she was a Viva Glam spokesperson in the past and she’s always talked about her love for MAC lipsticks.

    on the upside – the lipstick is gorgeous. :-)


    • 4/4/12 12:19 the Muse:

      agreed would have loved a mac partnership!


  • 4/6/12 14:18 Coco Chanterelle:

    If her perfume is any indication the product will be fantastic. I’ve heard she worked with the perfumers almost every week for about a year before she approved it and if you have had a whiff of it you know what a good job they did. While I’m not in love with the packaging, it does have a vintage 30’s and 40’s look which fits with the “Classics” title. Maybe she holding back on the packaging to keep the product quality up while making it affordable? I read in a interview that Dita likes to refill her vintage lipstick tubes. Her tip was to freeze a new lipstick, cut it off then stick it in the old tube. When it thaws it works good as new.


  • 4/17/12 7:30 Susan:

    They are opening an Art Deco stand in Blanchardstown soon. It will have this collection :)


  • 4/21/12 15:35 Sexy Sadie:

    In Norway we have access to Art Deco and it is a quality brand. Looking forward to this collection.


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